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MT2006 1970's traffic


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I just installed MT2006. Great product! Until now I was a user of MT2004. I was just wondering if I have got a setting wrong somewhere. When I use the early years option (1965, 70, 80) I don't see many planes parked at the gates at the airports I have visited thus far. I have tried KSEA (the default field), KLAS, & KLAX. At SEA in the 1965 mode, all I see are a few Northwest 727's. At LAX I see lots of Pan Am 707's along the cargo ramp but almost NO aircraft at the gates.

I have the traffic option at 100% in flight sim. I installed MT06 over top of the MT already installed as there was no indication on the website to do otherwise.

I enjoy flying the older jets and think this idea is fantastic! No more Airbus's or 777's ruining my nostalgic flights!

Is anyone else having this problem?

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I have since uninstalled FS9 and reinstalled. Also uninstalled MT pre 2006, then reinstalled MT2006. It seemed to help. Now there are more liveries at fields that previously had very few. KSEA in early modes now has more planes than just Northwest 727's. LAX still has only a few planes at the gates and lots of planes in the south cargo docks & west maintenance ramp. But still an improvement since the reinstall.

Frame rates are also much improved in MT2006. I can now increase the % of AI traffic in FS9 with very little hit on frame rates.

Thanks to who ever designed this traffic program. It is much better than the previous version.


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MyTraffic is creating less traffic the further you go back in time, as there was less traffic than.

Compared to the enourmous number of airlines and painst of current times, the number of old paints is still much smaller. Keep telling me of the times you love to use, because this will help me to decide what to build and paint and organize. Some of the 180+ B732s I've painted in the last weeks will help in your times, and the DC6 I just finished GMAXing and will paint once the 737 saga is done too.

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Thanks for the reply. Again great product! I like the 80's best so far. Reason is because it gives me old jets and includes 747's, DC-10's & L1011's. It also has more traffic. I used to work at the 747 factory in Seattle back when the 747-200 was new. I fly new Citation business jets for a living and get bored with stuff I see at work everyday! Thanks for including "ExectJet" in the 2005 series. That's my airline! It got my attention when I heard it on frequency!

Please add more jets at the gates in the earlier years. I realize there was less traffic, but at LAX there had to be something at the gates?

Also at the default FS9 airport (KSEA) it needs to have Alaska Air 727's and Western Airline 707's in there somewhere in the early years.

Your product worked much better after I uninstalled the old version of MT and then installed MT2006.

Now it's "as real as it gets"!! :lol:


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One problem that comes in my mind with the US main airports may have to do with Gate association. Many of them do have airlines associated to many central gates. This implies that airlines that have fainted away will be placed to the unassociated parkings with priority, and these are the off ramps and far away cargo areas. This applies to PAA, TWA, Eastern, Braniff and .....

The solution to this would be to add, with AFCAD, to the list of airlines for the elder terminals those airlines. This requires a bit of local knowledge though.

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