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How to edit carrier traffic w. Mil &Naval AI add-on?


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Hllo all:

Recently I purchased Iris DSB MIG29 Fulcrum for naval operations that comes with Admiral Kuztnesov soviet carrier scenery located in different parts of the world.

I was searching at Project AI forum about how to get right AFCADS for carrier based operations (ocean flatten files) and that´s ok. The pack comes with many AI Mig models too for making them work with intelligence traffic.

Then...I just need to build the traffic files itself, may I edit and compile these traffic files with My World Military-Naval AI traffic?(I am a registered user of it...GREAT!!!) only go-around trips of Migs launchs and landings at the carriers.

Just to know from where to start with cause I am a complete newbie on this matter.

I will appreciate any help and clue.



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If I remember correctly, the MyTraffic editor is included into the Military package, so you can do everything.

To program closed loops though doesn't require the editor. It requires a flight FROM ANOTHER airport to the carrier and back much later, with the addition of an end of closed loops time.

A closed schedule is the following example:

C172-GA10 ,D­CSMK , 92,ONE_DAY,VFR


1144 ,EDFZ, 70,3710,0600

0804 ,EDDL, 70,3720


At 1144GMT, the ac leaves EDDL, goes to EDFZ, makes closed loops until dusk, lands, goes back to EDDL at 0804.

So choose a nearby airport, a carrier and the identifier of your Mig in the Myaircrafts.dat file, and than go on. Making the aircraft.dat may be easier with the editor, but you can always copy the F14 lines and replace F14 by Mig29 and it should be fine.

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