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I've had MyTraffic2006 for a while now. Are there any updates and how will I know? I'm sure there have been some airline schedule changes and have they been incorporated in any schedules in MyTraffic2006. Also, are there any improvements for the aircraft models that are available?


Wilbert Brown

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Hi Wilbert, all I know, a couple of enhancements are in the oven. :-)

When they'll be released is obviously up to the dev. As far as I would dare to guess, it should be a matter of days and not weeks. Stay tuned...

Regarding the schedules, MT doesn't pay much attention to real airline movements. It simply creates schedules for the included aircraft. Besides, with FS9's limitations, it's probably very hard (if not impossible?) to implement real schedules in the first place. Perhaps FSX offers further AI improvement and more possibilities? Hope this answers your query a bit, good luck and kind regards


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Hi Wilbert,

Jaap is right, there is an update in the works and its release will be announced here as soon as its ready. The update will contain aircraft model improvements and new/updated aircraft textures in addition to various bug fixes.

The flightplans ofcourse are generated using the Editor which does a great job of approximating real world flight schedules.

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Hi Hussein,

hope i spelt that right, i was looking at the 2005 ai aircraft and noticed a change in programming pattern, all aircraft files for each year are identical, but for the year 2005, i found that myown traffic aircraft file was different to all the other 2005 aircraft files and wondered if something had gone wrong somewhere. the difference is quite large.

thanks Denis

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I'm not quite aware of what you refer too.

I assume you mean the file MyArcraft.dat? And you get different files for every different year? That is indeed the case, the file contains those aircrafts registered in the corresponding year, pointing to the correct paint schemes. As example, you can expect the UAL 777 to point to a different type in 2004 and 2005, reflecting their change in paint scheme.

If you find differences beyond that, please send more details.

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