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Help with meaning of various traffic bgls


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I have been looking at the aircraft and plans contained in the (decomplied) traffic BGLs recently while fixing a few small things (like unusual flight levels etc.). I am confused about how these files are formed and what they should contain:

The Military one appears to contain only military traffic and the Line one contains only airline, as I expected. But the Global and Own also contain airline and military traffic. Further the Cargo contains military and thousands of small GA flight plans (172s, 182s, Barons, Cubs, etc,) that don't seem to be cargo flights. And there are TNGs in the files other than Closed. Also, is it the aircraft and airline or the airbase that defines something as a military, Cargo, etc flight? etc.

Can someone outline the differences among Cargo, Line, Own, Closed, Military and Global files? Further, What is Own? Did I somehow create that? It has thousands of flights but I have never defined any as far as I know. And how does the program know which flight plans to assign to Military and Cargo when I run the "Create Schedules etc."? Are these just taken from the MYPlans folder (i.e., already set and not influenced by things, like preferences, I set in the Editor) or are they created at the time?


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Here is the simplistic description of each file (taken from the Editor manual):

MyTrafficline.bgl – Contains airliner flightplans

MyTrafficcargo.bgl – Contains cargo flightplans

MyTrafficmil.bgl – Contains Military flightplans

MyTrafficglobal.bgl – Contains general aviation flightplans

MyTrafficClosed.bgl – Contains touch and go schedules.

MyTrafficown.bgl – Contains flightplans added through forks and MySchedules

The flightplans you find MyTrafficown by default are essentially multiple leg flights which are included by default. I am not sure what crietera determine which bgl file the flightplans are compiled into but Burkhard will probably be able shed some more light on this.

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Thanks Husain, as always, for being so helpful.

So let me see if I am clear: Only "Own" is altered by choices made in the editor (such as the option to change the ratio by which certain types of traffic falls out as the traffic slider drops, new airline-hub preferences, etc)? The rest of the BGLs are just copied from the MyPlans directory, where they are already set up?

Also, as I noted, it appears that in some cases the name is not a clue to the traffic it contains, as there are GA light aircraft plans in the cargo Bgl etc.


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The OWN refer to flightplans created by hand and from outside sources, so they are hand made and hand selected.

The Line and Mil are clear. The name Cargo may be a bit misleading. The true should be "Automatic or preffered created schedules that obey to the rules defined in the Automatic resp. preffered section, but are not airliners nor military", while the global refers to "Flightplans created through the Global schedule creation filling up slots not used by the earlier creation steps" - but this aren't easy to remember file names.

So Cargo may contain GA aircrafts, but for these it will be checked as example that the reg of the aircraft is either the departure or the destination country, etc.

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