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installing mytraffic2006

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Hi there

I have tried to load mytraffic2006 over the top of the naval military update but the install always seems to stop at a particular file

Wheel_1.bmp B737_2My\+My04

I have run the uninstall of 2006 but now Mytraffic does not work

After installing the Military update I ended up with endless black and white pages in the software install/deinstall list under Windows XP System

This had also occured under previous variants of Mytraffic

Please advise

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Hi Burkhard

Sorry for the duplication of support request, I forgot I had used the myworld forum instead of the mytraffic forum

Am downloading from simmarket again as I write

What can I do to get rid of the pages of black and white panels in my software list. This only turned up after intallling the Military addon last year. I have had a similar problem after installing another version of MyTraffic and I know for sure it was caused by MyTraffic

Regards Michael

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I heared about such an effect, but never could observe it myself. Especially, my clear preference is that an addon product should not show up in the software list all, also since uninstallation of any FS Addon is simething that should NEVER be done. Unfortunately, installers and such are made by the publishers and not by me, so I cannot change anything.

What I would do is to search with the Registration Editor in the registry for MyTraffic and throw it out there - but since I never saw that problem I cannot tell you where more exactly to search.

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