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Programming Efficiency (VB.NET)

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Hi Pete,

In mean time we've managed to get most things working. However we have a few questions. We are experiencing delays of +- 3 sec on the commands given, probabely due to unefficient programming.

Do you have any FSUIPC related tips concerning a more efficient programming? (Note that there is also code included for the acquisition of voltages).

Second question: We are getting the voltage values in double format, this means a lot of numbers behind the floating point, however, flightsim requires a Short as input, this means we are loosing all numbers behind the floating point. Currently we devide the voltage input by the max voltage input (so this means max = 1) and * 16348. Is there a more interesting way to cope with this problem?


Private Sub Timer_Tick(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Timer.Tick

'Engine 1 Throttle Lever

Dim reader1 As AnalogMultiChannelReader

Dim myTask1 As New Task

myTask1.AIChannels.CreateVoltageChannel("dev1/ai0", "", AITerminalConfiguration.Rse, -10, 10, AIVoltageUnits.Volts)


reader1 = New AnalogMultiChannelReader(myTask1.Stream)

Dim datainput1 As Double(,)

datainput1 = reader1.ReadMultiSample(-1)

Dim voltage1 As Double = datainput1(0, 0)

lblVoltageENG1.Text = voltage1

Dim dwOffset1 As Integer

Dim Wel1 As Short = ((voltage1 / 8.73) * 16384)

Dim ThrottleToken1 As Integer

Dim Result1 As Integer

dwOffset1 = &H88C

FSUIPC_Write(dwOffset1, Wel1, ThrottleToken1, Result1)


'Engine 2 Throttle Lever

Dim reader2 As AnalogMultiChannelReader

Dim myTask2 As New Task

myTask2.AIChannels.CreateVoltageChannel("dev1/ai1", "", AITerminalConfiguration.Rse, -10, 10, AIVoltageUnits.Volts)


reader2 = New AnalogMultiChannelReader(myTask2.Stream)

Dim datainput2 As Double(,)

datainput2 = reader2.ReadMultiSample(-1)

Dim voltage2 As Double = datainput2(0, 0)

lblVoltageENG2.Text = voltage2

Dim dwOffset2 As Integer

Dim Wel2 As Short = ((voltage2 / 8.73) * 16384)

Dim ThrottleToken2 As Integer

Dim Result2 As Integer

dwOffset2 = &H924

FSUIPC_Write(dwOffset2, Wel2, ThrottleToken2, Result2)


'Engine 3 Throttle Lever

Dim reader3 As AnalogMultiChannelReader

Dim myTask3 As New Task

myTask3.AIChannels.CreateVoltageChannel("dev1/ai2", "", AITerminalConfiguration.Rse, -10, 10, AIVoltageUnits.Volts)


reader3 = New AnalogMultiChannelReader(myTask3.Stream)

Dim datainput3 As Double(,)

datainput3 = reader3.ReadMultiSample(-1)

Dim voltage3 As Double = datainput3(0, 0)

lblVoltageENG3.Text = voltage3

Dim dwOffset3 As Integer

Dim Wel3 As Short = ((voltage3 / 8.73) * 16384)

Dim ThrottleToken3 As Integer

Dim Result3 As Integer

dwOffset3 = &H9BC

FSUIPC_Write(dwOffset3, Wel3, ThrottleToken3, Result3


'Elevator Position Control

Dim reader4 As AnalogMultiChannelReader

Dim myTask4 As New Task

myTask4.AIChannels.CreateVoltageChannel("dev1/ai3", "", AITerminalConfiguration.Rse, -10, 10, AIVoltageUnits.Volts)


reader4 = New AnalogMultiChannelReader(myTask4.Stream)

Dim datainput4 As Double(,)

datainput4 = reader4.ReadMultiSample(-1)

Dim voltage4 As Double = datainput4(0, 0)

lblVoltageElevator.Text = voltage4

Dim dwOffset4 As Integer

Dim Wel4 As Short = (((voltage4 - (9 / 2)) / (9 / 2)) * 16384)

Dim ThrottleToken4 As Integer

Dim Result4 As Integer

dwOffset4 = &HBB2

FSUIPC_Write(dwOffset4, Wel4, ThrottleToken4, Result4)






End Sub

FSUIPC_Close() is called in form_closed


All comments on the programming are more than welcome to impove the loading time.

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