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MyTraffic 2006 Service Pack release


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Dear friends,

after a longer testing period you can download the update from Version 4.0 to 4.0a from


After downloading the archive, unzip it to find the Patch executable and Patch description in html Format.

Please read the installation instructions first. They strongly recommend to delete some files first before you execute the installer. Do not change this order!

These instructions come in the follwong post too.

The patch can be applied to full version from Simmarket, the boxed version from Aerosoft and to the MyTraffic demo.

I hope all issues raised between MT2006 release in december and patch completion end of february have been addressed and collected.

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Welcome to MyTraffic2006 Service Pack 1

This is a small collection of modifications and add-ons to MyTraffic 2006. It can be applied to

a) The download version obtained from Simmarket

b) The boxed version obtained from Aerosoft

c) The MyTraffic demo version

Please read the installation instructions before you install the package.



Some large airports (KJFK, EDDF, EHAM,...) showed no ILS frequencies in the map window. These airports get replaced by this patch.

Some military airports in Germany and Peru produced a blue rectangle on the map window. The iles that create them are to be deleted.

The CH53 Stallion helicopter was occasionally observed to park with its belly in the ground. This is fixed by replacing the model with a new, reworked one.

The A330-200 no longer calls non-existing strobe effects.

MyTraffic 2006 has been observed to create stuttering on some systems, i.e. on rather new high end computers with new video adapters. Besides tuning system parameters, which could be shown to solve this problem in 90% of the cases, this patch brings a set of tools to solve this problem.


Boeing 727-100 model with improved performance.

CH53 Stallion helicopter with improved performance.

A340-500 and A340-600 textures reduced in size for a minimal performance gain.

A330 textures for the 6th heaven model improved in performance.

New additions:

New aircraft model: Boeing 737-900 in all existing liveries.

New aircraft model: Boeing B-52H Stratofortress

Four more paints of the Boeing 727-100: First Air, Air Nauru, Icelandair (2x)

Schedules for the new aircraft models.

Import files for the MyTraffic editor for the new aircrafts.

Adoption of some airports for the new aircrafts.

A tool collection to mass convert aircraft day textures to DXT1, DXT3, mip mapped or non mip mapped textures. Read the file readme.txt in the \Aircraftmods directory.


Please delete the following folders in the FS9 directory:



Please delete the following files:

Addon Scenery\MyWorldAirports\scenery\ETHB_Poly_LWM.bgl

Addon Scenery\MyWorldAirports\scenery\ETHC_Poly_LWM.bgl

Addon Scenery\MyWorldAirports\scenery\ETHF_Poly_LWM.bgl

Addon Scenery\MyWorldAirports\scenery\ETHL_Poly_LWM.bgl

Addon Scenery\MyWorldAirports\scenery\ETHM_Poly_LWM.bgl

Addon Scenery\MyWorldAirports\scenery\ETHN_Poly_LWM.bgl

Addon Scenery\MyWorldAirports\scenery\SPLP_Poly_LWM.bgl

Than execute the 4.0a patch and let it install to the FS9 main directory. To check whether the installation was successful, go to KBAD. Do you see the B52?

Removal of stuttering:

It could be verfied that stuttering originates from DXT3 textures. DXT1 textures do not show this behaviour. So if you suffer under stuttering, please go the the aircraftmods directory. There you find three procedures to convert the Airbus, Boeing and the Rest of the aircrafts. These procedures do need about 2 GB of free disk space during operation.

Double click to them. You will see the textures flushing by while conversion to 32 bit format. Once this is done press "DONE". Now the flush again, while creating DXT1 mip mapped. Once this is done, press "DONE" again. Do not interrupt these procedures.

The price you pay for the improved performance is that most aircraft do no longer show their logos during taxi. This is realistic and can be observed to get normal on most airports, since the airlines use any chance to remove energy costs. Future updates will allow to switch these lights on again without performance costs.

You can also use the DXT3 conversion tool to apply taxi illumination back to some of your favorite models, so combine 90% reduction of stuttering with 747s taxi illuminated as example.

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spotted this today, half asleep, so may not be an issue but i want to point it out.

the ch47_my aircraft.cfg file list these three aircraft

ch47 mypaint00

ch47 mypaint01

ch47 mypaint02

but the flightplan data for all years list the chinook aircraft as follows.

ch47 mypaint01

ch46 mypaint01

ch47 mypaint02.

as you can see there appears to be a conflict.

any ideas.


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Indeed, the consequence is that two Marine units CH47 never show up. The will do if you replace the aircraft.cfg with the one in the attachment.

How on earth did you find this, or did you just dig code?

so the us navy chinook has no flights. i remember seeing a video of a chinook flip off a flight deck at sea, i never did find out if it was a navy or marine chinook. we only have sea hawks in the RAN, and being closed up for crash stations is a major pain.

i have a complicated fs9 setup and i love having AI, so yeh i do dig code, when i was younger i was nuts, loved reading hex machine code to figure out how my favourite games worked.


ps, take another look at


title=CH47 MyPaint01

i think you meant MyPaint02

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As far as I can check, only HX21 at Patuxent River has a few flying bananas left, as it operates all the Helicopter types. To keep MyTraffic somehow compact, such units are normally not included. So while there seem to still be a few of them with the Navy, for training purposes as it looks, MyTraffic does not use them. There are enough of them with the Marines.

You are right that the RAF (Sea) is the MyPaint02, when did I mix that up? :lol: Software sometimes is in states where the chance to improve it by fixing little things is small.


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This is for the CH47, so place it into the aircraft/CH47_MY folder - but only case you really suffer under the lack of two of seventeen Marine squadrons operating the CH47. Otherwise just don't apply, there will be another little or not so little free update in before the summer ( I hope at least, it will not be before it is ready and tested and there is no need to hurry ).

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i noticed in the 2006 flightplans that you have a plane designed for it from airbourne express.

when airbourne express was brought out and merged with dhl, it became ABX Air a subsidery of DHL, since then ABX Air now runs most of it's planes with the DHL yellow colour scheme.

airbourne express stopped operating as airbourne express i think in 2003.

but not positive.

Regards Denis

also the flight plans called upon two aircraft, a t-43 and a t-45, i can only find the t-43, which is the USAF B732. should these aircraft be one and the same.

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Well, they changed the name, but the same planes still fly the same routes, and as far as I can judge only less than half have been repainted to DHL colors, many still are in old Airborne Express, others in the A colors, but thanks we have to watch this and to modify for the 2007 set of schedules.

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Well, they changed the name, but the same planes still fly the same routes, and as far as I can judge only less than half have been repainted to DHL colors, many still are in old Airborne Express, others in the A colors, but thanks we have to watch this and to modify for the 2007 set of schedules.

you do an excellent job. thanks.

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