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Need help setting up a network for WideFS

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Hello people!

I have now full control of my old (3 yr. old Vaio) laptop. I decided to set up a LAN for use with WideFS. My desktop has a A8N-SLI Deluxe motherboard with two built-in network adapters (nVidia and Marvell Yukon). One of them is connected to my DSL line. The other--to the laptop. The laptop has a wireless card, and a Gigabit network adapter (cable). The wireless card, certainly, is for the Internet, and the cable from the desktop is plugged into the Gigabit adapter in the back. Now, this is the issue--I have a home network already setup with file sharing and everything between laptop and desktop through the wireless router that I have. Now, the cable LAN, after being setup refuses to function. The little icon in the tray has an exclamation sign, and says that the connection is either not functioning or not functioning fully. I still get connectivity for WideFS through the existing network, but I lose Internet due to the fact (probably) that WideFS is taking up all of the bandwidth for communication back and forth with the desktop. What I really want to do is leave Internet connections alone, and have LAN set up via the cable connection between the Marvell adapter and laptop's Gigabit. Does anyone know how to fix this? The windows assistants failed to fix this issue, and hitting 'Repair' on the connection menu leaves the box searching for an IP address, and then popping up the error that the connection is not fully functioning.

Thank you for all of your knowledgeable assistance.

S. Kireyev

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I lose Internet due to the fact (probably) that WideFS is taking up all of the bandwidth for communication back and forth with the desktop.

No, unless you have less than 10 mbps bandwith I don't think that can possibly be true. Even with less than 10mbps it is unlikely just with one client. The traffic WideFS generates is pretty miniscule by comparison.

At times I have 10 or more computers on my network, all linked by WideFS, and with up to three of them operating on the Internet with a broadband connection via a router on the same network. All of it runs at pretty much top speed as far as I can tell, even though some of it is wireless (at about 25 mbps) and some over a mains cable adapter system 9running at around 50 mbps I would guess.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

I am not the best person to answer Network problems -- my system when there's a problem is one of trial and error for a few days, then ask someone else. The most knowledgeable person I know on Networks lives over in the FS2004 Forum, so ask there too. But I think you will need to spell out your actual settings and errors reported (not for WideFs, for the Networks).



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I appreciate your speedy response. All I will use the WideFS for is FS Commander, Radar Control and Active Sky. My wireless is at a measly 11Mbps, but that can't be remedied right now.

I will follow your advice and ask in the FS2004 forum.

Thank you for your time

S. Kireyev

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