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How do I reduce % of AI types equally in MT2006?


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EDIT: Just upgraded to MT2006

Can MT2006 reduce equally the amount of AI traffic when reducing the FS9 slider? It now seems as if the GA traffic is very sparse at airports and in flight with the slider at 50 or 60%, but I still see many airliners. I don't have any custom changes and just run the default schedules in MT2006 as installed. When I reduce the % in FS9, how can I equally reduce all traffic types? I would like to see more GA traffic when my AI slider is set to 60%.

I read somewhere that it reduces all GA traffic first, leaving airliners when you reduce the total % of traffic. Is this the case in MT?

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The schedules of MT2004 1.0 and 2.0 were built so that smaller aircrafts die out first.

The schedules of MT2006 are built so that they all get equally removed. You can modify this with a little effort:

Start the editor and load MT2006V40.myt.

Than go to create "Create all files and traffic" ( not the long taking schedules...).

You get a screen with four "die out" points for the different kinds of traffic.

You can change these from zero to anything between -99 and 99.

20 means that at 20% setting there is no more traffic of this kind.

-99 means that even at 1% there still is 50% of that kind.

So if you want to give a certain traffic an enhancement, set the number to negative, and if you want to remove stronger, set it to positve.

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Thanks Burkhard. BTW, I have to say that I'm really happy with the new MT2006 with SP1 and the converted DXT1 textures.

I've got AI cranked up to 80% and I'm seeing FPS in the mid-20's at major airports like ELHR and KSEA. Even KJFK and the New York area was hanging in the high teens. The best part is it's smooth as silk. Even when frames dip, it's still fluid with no stutters. With MT2004v2.1 set at 60% my frames would be in the low teens with short stutters.

Great job!

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