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AI helicopters...How does MT2006 handle them?


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I read recently that MSFS doesn't recognize helicopters for use in AI. Apparently one workaround is to assign a fixed wing airfile to the helicopter. The helicopter will fly but will takeoff and land as if it is a fixed wing airplane. That would be weird. MT2006 of course contains a number of military helicopters and a quick check of the traffic.bgls shows they are assigned flight plans. I've never seen them on the airports or in the air (could just be that I miss them bc of where I fly).

How does MT2006 handle helios? Do they take off and land vertically? If they taxi up to the runway and take off like airplanes I'd just as soon they stay put and serve as "eye candy" only. Thanks

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The AI helis in MyTraffic act as normal aircraft with a 50m runway enough to land and to start. There is no way around that but deleting them.

Therefore, the main purpose of AI helicopters in MyTraffic is to operate them from the decks of the aircraft carriers, and some other militray airports. There are no civil AI helicopters in MT2006 for this reason, because while an airport to assault vessel operation is normal for helis, civil airport to airport flights aren't what they really are made for - and no way can be made to have really heliports at hospitals or so be used. Military airport to airport is not so unlikely, since often the helis are the only trnasport vehicles they have available, and they do not care for gas bills.

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What you say about heli ai is basically true, but you still can come very close to a more than acceptable behavior.

Please let me point you to this thread:


Beware, it is kind of longish and deals mainly with how you add invisible runways for helis so that it appears they are starting from a helipad. But there are many references (and very much impressing screenshots!) on what has to happen to a heli flightmodel so that it comes close to real behaviour.


(Screenshot copyright and property of Offshore Development Group)

I have started yesterday to work on some helis of my MT2006 collection - thank you very much for bringing them in ! - and I will try to change the flight model (by replacing it and work on the aircraft.cfg parameters) to make them start and land on point.

Are you interested in getting the results from me? I think this could be an interesting element of MT2006 to have some helicopters acting this way.



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Thanks guys. let me see if I summarize correctly:

It IS correct that MSFS doesn't utilize helos in AI. As result, the AI helos in MyTraffic 2006 have a limited function. They fly with a modified fixed wing airfile that specfies a 50 foot TO/L to give the appearance of something close to real life and they are used only for carriers (which explains why I never see them).

Martin is working on modified airfile for helos that will permit them to take off and land on a point. Presumably at time flight plans that do not involve carriers will be possible and even civilian flights between airports. He willl share it when it is available.

Is that about correct? Great! Can't wait.

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