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Dear all,

I like to see a Mig-29 as a future update for MT2006.

A F-104 for historical reasons would be welcome as well.

And I feel almost bad to mention it, since I am very happy with the military ai. But given the very fine quality of the B-52, Tornado, F-16, C-5 and many more, the way the Eurofighter looks is really frustrating. If I am not the only person with that sight on things, I would like to nominate the Eurofighter for a model overhaul.



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Thanks, yes. make a list, I estimate that MyTraffic will be developped another 20 years or so, there we will be able to make some more aircrafts.

The problem with Russian military traffic is not so much the aircrafts, but the airports. MSFS hasn't included any pure military Russian airports, only a few mixed used ones, which are typically Mil_cargo. Now you can estimate that it isn't so simple to get information and photos on Russian air bases deep there in Siberia, and still more difficult to get out of there again within lifetime :lol: .

I have an idea how to attack this though, but this requires completely revolutionary code and ways to design scenery to be invented, written, and tested. I'm in phase 3 of that.

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Hi Burkhard,

Well, at least for the Mig-29, we don't need to travel very much into the eastern hemispheres (although that would be a very welcome addition).

The GAF had the MiG-20 stationed in Laage (JG-73, ETNL). Although the MiG is now decommissioned, it would make a nice addition.

Going further east would bring the great benefit of allowing to add some Sukhois and Yakovlevs.



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