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Using 6th Heaven A323


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6th Heaven A322 is AI traffic only. Is this correct.

How can appropriate gauges be found to operate the planes?

OR. How are they used inconjunction with MYTraffic 2006 as traffic?

Referring to my enquiry 25 Jan 2006.

On Fs2004 initiation: program identifies " Completing setup generating scenery indexes, building database for new sceneries". Where do I look for changing files? or Changed files? by date? by size? MyAircraft/ Airport/ Routes .dat files are identified as NeroMedia player files but dated 1/12/2004, ie haven't been changed.

Or is this a configuration file problem?

Thanks for great Traffic

Peter Copeland :lol:

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6th heaven is a young startup of people who are building aircrafts for AI traffic of very high detail and quality, but with still acceptable performance.

Their website is http://www.6th-heaven.com/ .

As an early example of their work, they allowed the PW332 models to be included in MyTraffic2006 - to the benefit of each of us. You got A332 from DLH, AUA, SWR, ETD, KAL, NWA and some other airlines in a quality never achieved by any AI package before. I could deliver you such eye candies, and 6th heaven could show you what they are able to do. In MyTraffic2006, these aircrafts are operating.

Setting up their stuff, which is the A340s currently, took a bit longer than expected, but that is normal in software development. Once they are fully up with their site, we will recommend what to do to get those very nice A340s.

They build their models for AI traffic. Building such high quality models takes several man years just for the models and paints - a true cockpit with its electronics and interaction with flight dynamics another some man years, not to speak over virtual cockpits - development of complete aircrafts like these is an investment of many ten thousands of hours of work.

I do not know if there are some semi-realistic A330-cockpits and flight dynamics available on the Internet that could be used with these very nice models to fly them yourself, and am not the person experienced in this field - so I give this number to the brave community here if you can give us any advice in this direction.

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Thanks re 6th Heaven.

re FS2004 start up.

I haven't changed My...... . bgl files but the startup is saying something has changed. I close FS9 with exit.

Which files trigger the "changed scenery" action?

Thanks :D



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Sorry, forgot the second question.

This is hard to say. There are two situations when these setups appear.

a) Anything in the scenery library changed. This may be a real scenery, a mesh, a Landclass, an AFCAD, or a traffic file. Most of the times you will know what changed, because you did it. Some addons like FSLive Traffic has to do so before any startup, other real time data based addons may do the same.

If there is nothing like that, there is unfortunately b).

b) FS9 detects that there is a mismatch between scenery.cfg, newscenery.cfg and the internal bookkeeping. This may happen case:

a) you made any scenery uninstall before removing from scenery library,

b) you made any uninstall not in exactly the inverse order of installing

c) you installed any addon that modifies scenery.cfg, not newscenery.cfg

d) there is a write protection anywhere in your scenery folders

e) one scenery file has a problem, due to a bad block or whatever,

f) FS9 was used by different users on the computer, and at least one of them made a scenery change.

g) many more.

You have a 60% chance to get out of this by doing the following:

a) look for all appearances of scenery.cfg on your computer. Ensure all of them are identical, to what you really want to have installed.

b) Delete ALL files scenery.dat below the FS top directory, that will be many, 40 to 100 files depending on the number of add ons.

c) ensure no file below FS9 has a write protection, and you are allowed to write everywhere, so do this as a user with administrative rights.

Now start FS9. It will go through the setup process everywhere and build its internal data files again. With a bit of luck, all will be synchronized now, and it will remain quiet until you make a change.

If this remains, than I predict that evantually FS9 will begin to crash with strange error messages, more and more things will not work properly, and at some time in future you will remove FS9 completely, including all addons, and reinstall FS9 and than the addons. So better look for the quality of the backup you have made from what you downloaded now.

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