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A Dan Air Comet can´t land in Madeira...


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Today I was underway in the "1970-Scenario" with my Captain Sim Boeing 707 in British Midland Markings. The flight was from London Stanstead to Madeira. I like this "Time-Machine". It is good and so we can use our older aircraft with typical AI-aircraft arround...

I use the Madeira-Scenery by Aerosoft. There was another flight to Madeira, a Dan Air Comet 4. He was first to land at Madeira but missed. Now it was my turn and after the landing I saw the Comet on their second attempt. He was very late, comming down to heigh, touched the runway in the second half and was going arround...

Think it has something to do with Afcad-Files. But The Madeira-Szenery is No 1 and the MyWorld-Airports are far below this Szenery in my library. What was happen?

Another thing I have seen last days are a thing of "political correctness"


I have seen in Inchon Airport Soul aircraft of the northkorean Air Koryu... Is there any Air Traffic between the two Korea´s? I think, it isn´t.

Also, there was a CUBANA-Aircraft in Airspace near Miami Intl. Think, between the USA and Cuba there is no direct Air Traffic because of political Reasons. US-Aircraft can´t also overfly the cuban ADIZ, but the AI-Traffic have not heart about this... ;-) Seems a risky business. I didn´t like MiGs, staying on my Airliner-wing... ;-)

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On the Madeira AFCAD issue - that might be tricky. Madeira is an airport not easy to implement. So one question I would ask is if you see other aircrafts from that time, like 727s, landing correctly, in this case we might have to deal on the Comet flight charcterists in aircraft.cfg. If the 727s miss too, than it might be the AFCAD file.

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Okay. I have some time today and look for the aircraft in Madeira... I use a Citroen 2CV for airport tours and such things. :D

EDIT: Sorry. It looks like a AFCAD-Problem. There were two AFCAD-Files installed. One of them was not registred with AF"_LKPM, it was AF2_mar...

I have found und removed it. So I have the Aerosoft-AFCAD only in use.

After this I have seen a Condor Boeing 727 landing and it was pretty nice...

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