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In the Spot plane window you'll see

the "Gradual Transition" option check box near the bottom of the

"3D Preview" area. I've looked everywhere I can think of in the

FS9 ini and cfg files for lines referring to these view options and

cannot find them.

It's saved in the FLT files, and restored when you load a flight. So simply change the option and save the flight.

For example





My wish is for a "Gradual Transition" block toggle > perhaps

on the "Technical" tab of your amazing FSUIPC utility.

Well, surely a hot key or assignable control would be better? Interestingly the relevant location in FS2004 was discovered recently and mapped in FSUIPC 3.60, so you could actually program it quite easily using the FSUIPC "offset" controls. The offset is 8345 and the byte value to write is 0 for gradual, 1 for transition. You can do it all in the Button and Keys options in FSUIPC.




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Well Pete, I'm excited. I just used FSUIPC to set the "q" key to assign offset 8345 a "1" value as you suggested earlier to disable Gradual Spot View Transition. It works GREAT in the sim.

Many thanks,


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