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Please can someone help me (posted elsewhere as well as here

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>I realised I needed WideFS and FSUIPC (tell me I did not make a mistake)

Yes you are definitely wrong. You better had spent some more time reading Flightsim Forums.

You need a program called WideView http://www.wideview.it/ for that....

FSUIPC is a program that gives you an interface to the FS9 internals. WideFS makes that same interface accessable over a network. They have nothing to do with running copies of FS9 synchronously at separate computers...

The documentation is pretty clear about that, even for a non native English reader like me ;-)



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Peter Dowson suggests that FSUIPC is essential if WideFS is to run, and that Wide FS is the mechanism he invented to join two pc's together over a network to run two copies, or is that one copy and parts of a copy over more than one PC.

Let me clear some totally misleading things you are spreading. I hope this is innocence ignorance on your part and not malicious.

Yes, FSUIPC is essential for WideFS, because WideFS uses it to interface to FS. It is NOT essential that you pay for FSUIPC however. If you'd take the trouble to do a little more research before buying things you don't need and then ranting and raving about them you might see that more clearly.

WideFS is NOT the mechanism I invented to join two PCs together over a network to run two copies or anything of the sort. Merely reading the first easy paragraph or two would tell you that. WideFS is simply a way of providing the FSUIPC interface on multiple computers, interfacing to an FS running on one of them.

And you DON'T need to know what FSUIPC does in order to use it. All you need to know, before you invest in any of this, is whether the applications you want to run need FSUIPC or not.

Neither of my packages are applications, they are background tools. You should be concentrating on the applications you want to use, not on the tools to support them. The folks who make the applications can help with that. Or at least they can and will if you have a better attitude towards them than you show here.

Project Magenta, "possibly the most attractive of the overpriced solutions" (My viewpoint) , seems to need this WideFS from Mr Dowson, so, again I ask, Can I run two copies of Flightsim, in a networked situation with the gauges on one machine and normal Flightsim on the other?

No. What you want to do is absolutely nothing to do with FSUIPC, WideFS or Project Magenta. You can do what you want to do with WidevieW, which is not supported here as it is nothing to do with anything here. Project Magenta does provide high quality "gauges" amongst its programs, but they are not FS gauges, they are separate programs which interface to FS via FSUIPC.

Why run a whole system, just for a view???? There has to be a nicer more simple and logical solution.

For speed and smoothness. I don't use WidevieW, I use a Parhelia video card with three monitors -- one very wide view from one copy of FS. You just need a very powerful PC. There are other options. You should ask these things over in the FS2004 or Cockpits Forum, not come here and vent your frustration and ignorance at us.

30 odd pages of in-depth technical argument become so much technical toilet paper when the answer to the question is lost in pages of techno-babble.

25 of those pages are reference material only, and the others are installation (easy) and answers to frequently asked questions. your writings here are actually more like toilet paper quality -- go try reading them again yourself!

In view of your persistent bad and intolerble attitude I won't be replying in future. If you want to spread malicious lies go do it someplace else.



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Just a note on WidevieW - according to the website FAQ, the 2004 version doesn't tranmist guage/panel data to the clients, only aircraft position. The panels only run on the server computer.

Yes, but that does mean you can have view on one (the client) and panels on the other. Of course that is a waste of a PC, as you could do that with no loss of performance by having two monitors on the one PC, something almost all video cards can handle readily these days.

WidevieW is one solution to the need for a wide outside view, typically used for forward, left and right views in collimated displays in a built cockpit.

There are others which use one PC, like the triple head Parhelia card, now not one of the fastest though, and the new Matrox triple head adapter, which fortunately can be used with any of the newer fast cards.

The only disadvantage of a multiple monitor solution is that the whole width of the three displays must be encompassed in one window, not three separate windows as this reduces FS's frame rate to unflyable levels. By careful use of the Zoom factor, though, one can get a nice wide view which I find acceptable at 0.50 Zoom. You can stretch it further round, but verticals are definitely getting that fish-eye effect towards the edges then! ;-)



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There are other options. You should ask these things over in the FS2004 or Cockpits Forum, not come here and vent your frustration

Where else do I contact you, according to your website, you only accept conversations in this place, that was not my design, but yours.

I was not suggesting you contact me on this subject! The questions you want resolving, about assorted ways of confiuring FS and the many display options there are have been and are still often discussed elsewhere. Here I support my programs. You really haven't got to that stage yet -- you still need suggestions about ways of doing what you want to do. I don't write or support applications, only tools for applications, and you may not need anything outside of FS to do what you want in any case!

Do you suggest that a three output video card is the solution to running the instrumentation on one PC and the View on a second??

No. A way of discarding the second PC. You don't even need a triple head if you only want the two screens you mention. Almost any modern video card supports two monitors out of the box.

Feeling somewhat hurt by your insinuations

Join the club. I'm 63 this year and at this rate won't see 64. :-(

I am just a customer trying to get YOUR software to work.

No you are not! You are a customer by accident or mistake. And I am very sorry about that. You should find out how to do what you want first, not how to use tools which may or may not be anything whatsoever to do with it. In fact, there is really nothing my programs will do to solve your problem. You need to look at FS itself, which has many capabilities already, then, if you desire, look at external gauge programs. They may or may not use my software as tools -- there are some which do and others which don't. Either way, the instructions which come with the applications are the most important part, not my instructions which are mainly for reference in any case, at least after the first page or two.

BTW I see you are in Cheshire. Far from Stoke-on-Trent? If you were to become a bit friendlier, so i wouldn't be frightened of you as I am now, then possibly you could visit? I have some interesting stuff here, accumulated over the years (I've been programming things with FS since FS4 days, more intensively when my eyesight problems stopped me getting a pilot's license).


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This conversation is now out of hand and in the wrong place.

Neither you nor I can be gaining by anything here.

My email address is in my profile and I would more than welcome to hear from you as I beleive, fundementally, your product IS the product that I can adapt to meet my needs.

I will terminate the likewise discussion in progress elsewhere with immediate effect.

I had no desire to cause you distress, simply wanted to enjoy the solution potential from an application that held promise to engineer a solution.

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