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Double shorelines in Skagway with UT and Glacier Bay

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Hi Holger,

Well, thought I was installing correctly your Glacier Bay but I guess not. When I run UT Canada-Alaska it looks fine. If I run your Glacier Bay it looks fine. When I run both together... well you know. This is up at Skagway.

So further looking at these forums I see lots of patches. I installed the ut_bc_hs patch V3 but no luck. I guess it must be some default or UT HP-HL files. But which ones? Maybe I can just .bak them up manually? At a loss what to try next.


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Hi there,

you don't mention specifically which package you installed but you can't use gl_bay_1.zip together with UT Canada/Alaska. Instead you need to use ut_bc_hs.zip. See http://forums.simflight.com/viewtopic.php?t=50007 , sections C or E.

ut_bc_hs.zip doesn't include the shoreline corrections I made for gl_bay_1.zip but everything else: land class, glaciers, roads, cutblocks, etc. All that fits well with UT and enhances it quite a bit.

In the upcoming version 2 of Glacier Bay we will include much more detailed shorelines, rivers, and lakes, way better than UT. For those I will make patches to exclude the UT water files in the Glacier Bay coverage area.

Cheers, Holger

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