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six questions.

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So I have six more questions.

1. When one replaces the United Airlines first hub from KORD to KDEN, does one have to do anything additional than to just change the hub settings for that airline? (run anything in the editor for the change to be acknowledged in MSFS)

2. When one manually schedules a flight, lets say a SWISS flight from Zurich

to London City using an AVRO RJ100, does one need to do anything additional than to just schedule it and then save the Editor settings and start FS 2004?

3. When manually scheduling flights using AUTOSCHEDULE, how does one specify if the flight is going to be VFR or IFR?

4. In the editor, how does one make a flight forbidden?

5. When one manually makes schedules in the editor, are the times local or GMT?

6. How do you make Mytraffic2006 compatible with TTOOLS?

PS. Mytraffic2006 rocks!!! :D

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Hi Anton,

Here are the answers...hope they are helpful!

1. You will have to regenerate the traffic and recompile the traffic bgl files. This can be done through the Create > Schedules, all files and traffic command.

2. In addition to the the steps you mentioned, you will also have to run Create > All files and traffic (or Create > Schedules, all files and traffic). You might want to add the manual schedules before what you do in 1, just so that you only have to do the automatic scheduling once and the autogeneration will also account for your manually programmed flights when dealing with airport capacities.

3. I don't think its possible to specify this through the Editor. Burkhard will be able to shed some light on this when he returns in a few days.

4. You can't mark flights forbidden...you can mark airports forbidden for particular airlines through the Airline > Preferences menu.

5. The times are GMT.

6. MyTraffic is designed based on the TrafficToolbox SDK and is not guaranteed to work with Ttools based utilities. Nonetheless, as long as you backup the files first, there is no harm in experimenting.

PS. I am glad:-)

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6. How do you make Mytraffic2006 compatible with TTOOLS?

TrafficTools can decompile any traffic bgl file, and can assemble a traffic file from text source files.

TrafficTools also has not been updated since the summer of 2003 and does create some corruption/ errors in traffic files.

TrafficTools also does not do any of the checks for potential errors related to how traffic works in FS2004 - something which the Traffic SDK tool does very well.

But there are a couple things you can do in Traffic Tools which cannot be done in the Microsoft tool.

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I realised my answer to no. 2 wasn't really clear so I edited it...hopefully it makes more sense now.

To answer your follow up questions, you can get away with using Create > All files and traffic for no. 2 but for no. 1 you have to run the Create > Schedules, all files and traffic. The latter procedure does take much more time since all the schedules are regenerated based on your updated settings.

Reggie, thanks for the info on Ttools...us Traffictoolbox SDK folks tend not to know about the intricacies of Ttools:-)

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For every real computing, only the CPU power counts. The difference of the best available (Athlon 64 4000+) and a low end office system (Sempron 2200) is about a factor of two in this respect, so 4x resp. 2x fatser than the PIII 1 GHz. Since a 1.7 GHz PIV is as fast as a 1 GHz PIII, you can sort out how to estimate these. Neither the video nor the disk nor the memory nor a dual core can help.

On my Ahtlon 64 3000+, I need about 3 hours to reorganize the world schedules and make a meaningful organization of 1300+ airlines on 6500+ airports. The CPU need scales with the number of airports, of capacities there, of airlines, models, and preferences, so keeps growing. But there are always times to find you do not want to sit before your PC the next 3 hours I hope for you :)

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On another question.

The IFR/VFR flag is taken from the series database entry. That means, if you use a SQ2000 as example, and have set the IFR percentage to 100%, it will always be IFR, if to 0 always VFR, and in between a random based on that probability.

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No, because that makes no sense.

As with most airports, the AI traffic of MyTraffic is limited by the slots available per airport - so a global worldwide schedule depends on the slots available at 6500 airports - airlines are nothing but a temporary sorting criterium of chosing the types that are doing the flying - if Alitalia is bancrupt tomorrow, AirOne, Meridiana, Ryanair and Easyjet etc... will take over their flights a day later.

These slots in MyTraffic are available as capacity per airport. The recalculation of one airport does not make sense, because the flights have to go somewhere, so a change at one airport affects many others, and like a snowball this effects all, even the military ones through those that have a mixed usage.

When you make little manual changes by adding a few flights, the internal logic inside tries its best to convince trafficdatabasebuilder2006 and through this FS to show the flights you added and skip a few automatic ones for them - but the final decision which flights are shown is done by FS9 based on an unknown, undocumented algorithm.

So, as long as you make smaller changer, going through "Create all files and traffic" is completely sufficent. If you do it for more than a few changes, you should remove all automatic schedules anyways, because debugging of manual schedules in the context of 500000 flights around you is impossible.

Once you have finished your manual processing, you will go through the "Create schedules, files and traffic" once to get the remaining 499900 slots filled, I expect that to happen for an intense user of MyTraffic Editor once per month, and you can do so before going to bed or work - and can enjoy what you created the during next months.

I do have many plans with MyTraffic for the future, but changing this logic is not among them and will not happen until a really brilliant idea comes up - I learned to never say never :)

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