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Dear friends,

MyTraffic already has much more paints than any other AI traffic program, even the large freeware groups, the 4.1 development has passed the 3200 recently. Going back in times requires a huge amount of paints, the new 737-200 has more than 180 paints currently and is by far not yet complete.

Similar amounts of paints are possible for some other aircrafts, 727-100, 707, DC8 as examples. Also I have built some models that wait to get painted, the DC6 as example, a Super Constellation is nearly finished, etc.

I can make in average about 10 paints per week besides all the other stuff I make, so getting above 3500 will take long.

Now I want to propose and discuss the following idea. Doing the calculation, I can offer 3€ per paint that gets contributed and included to MyTraffic. Since transfering small amounts of money over borders is expensive, I checked out that there is one way to pay that you can use anyways, the gift vouchers of Simmarket.

So I would propose the following scheme, to have a bit of competition and some fun on this list. For every paint you supply, accepted and included in MyTraffic you get 2 €. 1 € gets laid aside - and once a series has been completed, we make a public poll and select the best or the two best paints of one series and give this pot to the creator(s).

You than can use the gift vouchers to purchase products and upgrades from Simmarket - so we can combine fun with some savings for you and quantitative advance for MyTraffic.

Before setting up more details, defining models, preparing paint kits, I would ask for your feedback. If you never painted an aircraft, don't be afraid, that isn't too hard a work, unless you make 180 of one model :roll: .

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