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FS Live Traffic and My Traffic

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Hi, I have a question about FS Live Traffic and My Traffic. I recently installed FS Live Traffic (I already had My Traffic v 4.0a installed) and after installing FS Live traffic, I used the My Traffic 2006 Editor to "Create Schedules, FIles and Traffic" and checked the "FS Live compatibility" box, which I understand is supposed to reduce the My Traffic in those areas (eg the US) covered by FS Live. The problem is that it didn't, and I ended up with about the same number of operations in My Traffic as I had before. (@ 539K total, actually ended up with a few more than I had had before.) So now the busier US airports are slowing to a crawl even with the FS9 traffic density turned down to 75%. Is there an instalation order problem with this? (I noticed that when I installed FS Live it said it was making "MyWorld Airports" but didn't seem to overwrite what was already in there from My Traffic.) Or is there something else I need to do? (I already made sure I had exported the current ariport list to text, imported this into the My Traffic Editor, and saved the DB.) Anyway, any help or advice would be appreciated, because I love My Traffic, and would like to run it with FS Live. Or am I doing everything right, in which case is there a way to check on what is FS Live AI, and what is My Traffic AI? I've looked at Info/departures in the My Traffic editor for KEWR and it is pretty full! (Departures every minute or two all day.) What am I doing wrong? Is there a (simple) way to eliminate ALL My Traffic AI at a specific airport such as KJFK or KEWR so I can have only the FS Live run traffic run there? I could manualy edit out KEWR from the airport text list, but I'm afraid this would cause problems since it is a hub for many of the My Traffic airlines. -- Grant

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I have to verify what is happening.

You should not be worried by the same amount of flights MyTraffic is showing, not all that are shown get compiled in this case. Please do the following.

When you make the "create all files and traffic" without the FSlive box checked, the file number of forks compiled to the "own" schedules should be bigger than with checked, so if you compare the size of the Ownroutes.dat and the bgl in the MyTraffic folder, there should be a difference. If it is, all works fine, and it is just that the AI traffic over the US is too high for FS9 this summer.

If it doesn't, and both are the same, than just delete the own routes from scenery\world\scenery for the moment and drop a note until I get it fixed.

In both cases, once the b patch is out I will make one for the FSLive costumors and that will help too.

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Thank you for the prompt reply. Yes, the MytrafficOwn.bgl and the MyOwnRoutes.dat files are much smaller. So it does work. I also double checked this by deleting the FS Live bgl and going to KLGA which (although an international airport) is really a commuter hub these days, and there was nothing there, which is as it should be since FS live totally fills it up.

I was under the impression that the Mytrafficline.bgl file would be smaller. The manual had said that this "contains airliner flightplans" so I was looking for it to shrink and when I looked at the departure schedules, I thought it was all a lot of traffic! At least now I know that I don't have to rerun "Create Schedules files and traffic" if I want to change this, since every experiment of mine was taking a while. Again, thanks for making such a fun product. I really enjoy the ability to "tinker" with it as well, and so I have another question now. But it isn't on this topic so I will post it in a new topic called "How to reduce military transient aircraft." Again, thanks for the help, and keep up the good work! -- Grant

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