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Instalation My Traffic 2006

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After having installed My Traffic 2006, I am no more able to start FS9. Whenever I try to open FS9, a message pops up, saying "Your storage capacity is exceeded. Perhaps your harddisk is too full. Try to defragment the it". Now, my harddisk is 70% unused, I have defragmented everyting, still the message appears and I am not able to open FS9.

It seems to me that the problem is tied to My Traffic 2006, as before I installed it everything worked out fine. Can you help me please?

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Trying to help...

Do you have one disk partition only, or several? If several, is any of them almost full?

As example, if you have FS on the D: drive, and the OS on C:, check that C: still has enough space.

The message is not a MyTraffic message. I never have seen it. Is it issued by MSFS, or by the operating system? You can judge by the look of the message box in most cases, and maybe supply a screen shot of it?

Are there any write protections under your FS9 top folder?

What is the size of your FS partition?

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