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To all beta testers - MT2006V40b patch (Service Pack 2) beta


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Dear beta testers ( and other users that know how to make backups )

The first beta of the 40b patch, called Service Pack 2, is available for download under http://www.fsrail.com/MT2006U40b_beta.exe

This patch contains everything that is in patch a), so SP1 isn't required for it, but may be installed.

Besides a few changes due to bug reports, the main feature of SP2 is replacing more than 100 GMAX models by modified ones, transformed from FS8 SDK to FS9 SDK, fixing the night lighting for these aircrafts.

If you have SP1 already installed, please use the procedures for the Airbus, Boeing and Rest aircrafts in \aircraftmods to convert all _t textures to DXT1 format now, beore installation of SP2. If not, than run these procedures after the installation.


Instructions marked in italic are not necessary if SP1 was already installed, but may be done.Please delete the following folders in the FS9 directory:



aircraft\C 5 GALAXY_MY

Please delete the following files:

Addon Scenery\MyWorldAirports\scenery\ETHB_Poly_LWM.bgl

Addon Scenery\MyWorldAirports\scenery\ETHC_Poly_LWM.bgl

Addon Scenery\MyWorldAirports\scenery\ETHF_Poly_LWM.bgl

Addon Scenery\MyWorldAirports\scenery\ETHL_Poly_LWM.bgl

Addon Scenery\MyWorldAirports\scenery\ETHM_Poly_LWM.bgl

Addon Scenery\MyWorldAirports\scenery\ETHN_Poly_LWM.bgl

Addon Scenery\MyWorldAirports\scenery\SPLP_Poly_LWM.bgl

Than execute the 4.0b patch and let it install to the FS9 main directory. To check whether the installation was successful, go to KBAD. Do you see the B52?

Please report what you find, especially performance wise. Also please report is nightlighting got fixed. Note that the aircraft families based on MS AI aircrafts (737,Dash 8, MD83) are not covered by this patch, but will be upgraded signifcantly in the next major update.

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Please, if you have locations where you feel MyTraffic is affecting the framerate seriously, save a flight and report the following three numbers.

a) frame rate without any traffic f0

b) frame rate with MT40a fa

c) frame rate with MT40b fb

The speedup of MyTraffic due to the update can be easily calculated by using the load l as inverse frame rate:





Measuring on two systems at EDDF, EGLL and KORD I get values for the increase in speed of a factor 3 to 13, around 4.5 in most cases. Would be more than interesting for me if such values are valid for other systems too.

A typical value at Kord that I get is that with 40a I have 11.8 fps, with 40b 15.8 and without traffic 17.6, this is a speedup of a factor of 4.3 .

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Hi Burkhard,

I installed the 4.0b beta onto a 4.0 install (no SP1 on this one but I had put the notebook edition in earlier). Without SP1 there is no Aircraftmods folder so I did the DXT mods after installing 4.0b beta. I noticed the following:

1. There is a A332_6th_MY aircraft folder that is not recognized by any of the three DXT batch conversion files

2. Errors on My09.A310_t.bmp and My27\B707_t.bmp where they couldn't be read during the conversion. The Airbus one had an alpha channel associated so the error came up twice during each cycle.

I didn't do any performance comparisons. I am curious how you would want that benchmarked, which weather profile, which aircraft, where on the airport, etc. I have so many additional add-ons it would be difficult to compare what I was getting to someone else.

Best wishes,


PS. I will be doing the same installation onto my laptop computer which does have SP1 installed and see if I get the same errors.

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Report on laptop installation, this computer did have SP1 installed and did not have the notebook edition added.

1. I noticed the same A332_6th_MY aircraft folder that was not noticed by any of the batch conversion files

2. The two errors reported on the other computer's installation did not occur.

3. I did get an error from the B737_5MY\texture.My15\wheel_t.bmp

This wheel bmp appears to be an identical file in each of these 737 files so I copied one from a different folder and replaced it.

I replaced the corrupt files from my first computers install with good files from the laptop install.

Curious if other testers have noticed any of these errors as well as the one Airbus file that is not noticed.

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Thanks, Zane.

The 6th heaven textures get replaced in both patches, so they do not need to get converted. ( One can do so for this dozen, but not for 2500).

The others I have to recheck, this should not happen, but things that should not happen tend to happen :lol: . Among 15000 files one or another seems to get bad just by random - PC hardware and software is not what one would call a reliable computer.

On the perfomance test, that is just what I want to get as many different results to see as example that the speedup that I observe also happens at addon airports, under different weather settings or whatever -and to check that there are no situtuations were things got worse instead of so much better. So just do at wherever you assume MyTraffic to take a significant CPU toll. This is as example at all airports where there are more than 100 aircraft standing around, and in all areas were traffic explorer shows more than 450 to 500 aircraft within the 90 miles radius. Of course, the New York area or the London area or Paris etc are good candidates - Punta Arena isn't, but just look wherever you are flying usually.


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  • 2 weeks later...

I uploaded a second beta to http://www.fsrail.com/MT2006U40b2.exe .

Many tiny things reported over the last weeks got repaired, inclusing proper allocation of night textures to cargo/passenger, the 727 changes, etc.

If you have U40a installed, run the DXT1 conversion before this update. If you have the first U40b beta installed, you can just install over.

Please report

a) any still missing paints

b) Cargo planes with lighted windows

c) any performance observations

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