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UT_BC_HS - Juneau problem

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Hi, Holger,

It´s been quite some time that I didn´t go to Juneau Airport, so I have no clue as to when this

might have started. I´m having some nasty troughs/hills in the water around Juneau Airport.

The downtown/Juneau harbor area seems to be ok.

Here´s how it looks like:






The LWM Viewer also shows the problem areas:


And this what I have basically installed which might affect that area (except CRG of course :-))TVML=20

scenery order as per scenery.cfg (has to be inverted to show as in scenery library) :


Title=Mesh FSG North America (= Alaska 38.2m + Cordillera Canada 38.2m vs. 1.5) HAS TO BE AT AREA 048 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Title=FSGenesis US Landclass (free version)


Title=Ultimate Terrain - USA


Title=Ultimate Terrain - Canada/Alaska (vs. 1.2 + SEBClod9 / SEBChold_v3 / ut_bc_hs / lccanada+lcusa landclass-patch /

MF_UT_upgrade / UT_MF_v4 / 0_UT_HP912120_QC_fix.bgl)


Title=Misty Fjords Landscape (incl. update)


Title=Misty Fjords Scenery


Title=Misty Moorings


Title=US Columbia River Gorge scenery


Title=US Columbia River Gorge landclass


Title=Misty Landclass


Title=Alaskan_Winds_Hubs_FS9 (includes Juneau)


Title=PAJN (from FRF Studio/William Morgan)

[Area.159] till 166

Title=American Data Streams (NOT active!)


Title=BC enhancements for UT - scenery


Title=BC enhancements for UT - landclass


Title=Vancouver+ landclass


Title=Vancouver+ landscape


Title=Vancouver+ scenery


Title=vancouver (CYVR 4.2)


Title=North Cascades VPlus update


Title=FSCargo Scenery Library


Title=FreightDogs Airports


Title=FreightDogs landscape Misty


Title=AA_Glacier_Bay (Admiralty Air addon)


Title=Juneau-Douglas Int'l (Admiralty Air addon)

I´m almost sure that I have messed up with some of the compatility batch files you made when

I tried to fix my problem. Or is it some problem with Freight Dogs-The Scenery?

So, in order to make it more complete, here are the contents of the backup folders created by the

batch files:

1. FS9\Scenery\UTCanada\SEBChold


2. FS9\Scenery\UTCanada\UT backup


3. FS9\FSAddon\Misty Fjords\Misty Fjords landscape\MF Backup


And here is the list of all *912110*.bgl files found within FS9\Scenery (gl_bay1 is uninstalled, I only left the directory):


I´m very much looking forward to "Tongass Fjords" and the update to the gl_bay-scenery. But I´m afraid that installing those

might leave things even worse without correcting the messup first. So, I do hope that you can help me.

Many thanks in advance and best regards>Werner

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Hi Werner,

well, that's what I call an in-depth error report. Thanks for that!

I believe that the two issue you're having - the "trenches" and some odd road placements - are due to a couple of default files in your Scenery\Namw\scenery folder. Normally these would be deactivated by Ultimate Terrain but maybe you moved them back in after you last ran the UT configurator.

It's possible that simply running the UT configurator and first restoring all FS defaults then changing back to your preferred UT settings would do the trick but you can also do this manually.

The files to be renamed to *.XXX are RD912110.bgl and ST912110.bgl. The former contains the road data and the latter the stream data.

Also, you should check the adjacent files, RD911100.bgl, RD911110.bgl and ST911100.bgl, ST911110.bgl. They too should have been renamed to .XXX.

Hope that helps.

Cheers, Holger

P.S.: we're in the middle of an extensive revamp of the Glacier Bay area freeware package. Thus, in the not-too-distant future you should have a much more realistic Juneau 8)


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