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Juneau problem - chapter 2

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Hi, Holger,

Many thanks for your reply. I renamed the 6 files you mentioned to .XXX and all is fine.

(water, roads, streams) west of the airport. However, east of the runway, the trenches

were still there. So, I found that FL912100 and FL912110 were also still active in the

NAMW\scenery folder, and changed them to .XXX which eliminated the trenches.

But I still have an altitude problem directly east and south. The funny thing is that my

normal water level appears as 6.4 ft (in SLEW mode) - plus the altitude of PAJN - 19 ft > 25.4 ft. which

shows as my altitude on the runway. As you can (hopefully) see from the pictures, my

PAJN sits on a kind of plateau with part land and part water textures.

I took one screenshot each at water and at runway level from the same position.

Pictures 1-4 were made looking north and 5-7 looking west.








Any ideas??

Just one more question: You said that running the UT Configurator, restoring FS defaults

and then changing back to my preferred UT settings could do the trick. If I tried that,

would I have to rerun any compatibility batch file afterwards?

Many thanks for your help and best regards,


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Hello Werner,

hmmm, the FL9*.bgl files contain the default flattened platforms for all airfields. Thus, disabling those means that most of your airfields would look rather bumpy (note that in the UT \Scenery\UTCanada\scenery folder, FL*.bgl refers to the road flatten files; a bit of an unfortunate naming convention).

Neither Glacier Bay nor Misty Fjords nor UT touch those flatten files so I don't quite understand how disabling those files would get rid of the trenches.

Moreover, your screenshots suggest that the PAJN flatten, which is part of FL912110.bgl, remains active. Like most default airfield flattens it's too big and thus pulling up some of the surrounding water.

Perhaps do a search for files with "FL91211" in their names to check for active duplicates. Like I said though, disabling the flatten is probably not a good idea (the other possibility is that some PAJN add-on you may be using provides its own flatten file).

With Glacier Bay 2, and similar to Tongass, we're replacing the default flattens with our own version so that PAJN and the adjacent floatplane pond will have different elevations (as in the real world) and we get rid of water creeping up and down the slopes.

In short, the "complete" solution to those elevation issues probably won't be available until the release of Glacier Bay v2 this fall.

It might be a good idea to run the compatibility batch files again after doing the UT de-/reactivation cycle. Don't be surprised though if you don't see any file movements because normally all relevant files should have been moved into the backup folders when you ran those batch files for the first time. However, running them twice can't hurt so it's a good thing to do to be sure.

Cheers, Holger

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Hi, Holger,

thanks a lot for your comments. Since then something "strange" happened.

Without changing anything at all, I installed Tongass Fjords yesterday. And,

magically, my altitude problem at Juneau Airport disappeared (with the

FL912100 and FL912110.bgl files still deactivated).

But that was only a side-effect of the new baby. Tongass Fjords is just

mind-stunning!!! Beautiful!!! Congratulations to you and Bill Womack and

the whole crew that made it possible!!! And I´m still only 4 hours flight

into this marvel! You have set a new standard by which FSX will have to

be judged.

Lest I forget, after seeing the "magic" at Juneau Airport, I considered your

reply and re-activated those 2 flatten BGLs. Result: the trenches were

back!?! So, I de-activated them again and now Juneau Airport is as it

should be, no trenches, no plateau. I don´t understand why (and I couldn´t

care less :-)) but I´m happy again (and won´t de-/re-activate UT).

Hopefully, Glacier Bay v2 will come out soon! Until then I will be busy

adapting all my own "scenery addons" (FSE/EZ Scenery/Rwy12/FS Cargo)

for the Tongass area. But that´s fun!

Best regards and thanks again for your help!


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