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How to replace Landclass assignments

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Hi Burkhard,

I am using MyWorldLC 2005 and detected now in Switzerland a lot of textures that do not fit at all, according to my personal opinion (see attached screenshot). With LMWViewer, I identified the textures as Landclass 37. Additionally, with LWMViewer, I replaced (repainted) some of the areas with different landclasses (textures), which are looking better.

But to do this manually for the whole area, that is affected, is too much work. I am looking for any tool (process) that helps me to replace i.e. hundreds of classifications more efficiently. Is there any way to decompile the file, to edit it and to recompile is again ?

Of course, I am doing all at my own risk.



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Decompilation is not possible for mesh or landclass scenery, since this gets compressed with an unrevertable algorithm I was told.

Which class would you use instead of the 37?

There is the big problem that the number of classes in FS9 is very small, for all of central Europe there is only one field texture with a rather high house density available. So either we choose to ignore what we know about population density, average climate etc and accept all European landscape to be uniform, or we have to borrow whatever is possible from other areas to increase the variation as well as the realism - no other choice.

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