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Hi, Hoping there is someone who is profficient enough with MS Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition who can help me.

I have been succsesful reading data from FSUIPC using Deplhi, but am having all sorts of trouble with VB.

Do I need to declare, at the beginning of the code, where to find the functions/procedures contained in FSUIPC. With Delphi you do, but I cant find any reference to it for VB. If so, could someone please give an example.

Is VB6 the same as VB 2005 Express as far as syntax etc?

Thanks in advance,


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VB2005 Express is Visual Basic.NET. It's a different language to VB6 but the syntax is similar.

I recommend you have a look at my DLL that lets .NET languages talk to FSUIPC. It's in a sticky near the top of this forum. (Subject is: FSUIPC Client DLL for .NET - Release Version 1.1). You may find it easier to use than the current VB.NET SDK.

It has an example application (and documentation) in VB.NET to show you how to use it.

If you need any more help than the documentation provides feel free to email me.


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Many Thanks. I may take you up on your offer of email!

I have looked at your DLL and found it most helpful. Im working on turning the radio display frequencies to individual digits, to send to a hardware display. At the moment getting stuck with the binary to decimal conversion, which I understand the concept, just getting the syntax to work is driving me nuts!

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