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Update 4b2 converted to DTX1 w/ mipmaps - strange lights any


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I just installed (correctly) all of the service updates and painstakenly converted all MyTraffic AC to DXT1 w/mipmaps to see what improvements in performance I would gain.

It actually worked quite well. I am running MT at 100% with many other add-ons and it eliminated a good deal of the stutters around busy airspace.

Here's the trouble - the conversion did something to all aircraft lights that made them look oddly bright, miscolored (red beacons are yellow) and behave funny. (see photo)

I also noticed that some planes (c130 and f16 for instance) were sitting on the ground or gears were sunk in. I remember the helicopters do that a lot.

Is there any other conversion I should try to remedy these problems?

If not, I'll have to restore the backup files and go back to running MT at 65% because that's the point where the stutters are acceptable. :(




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Well I think I figured part of it out myslef - I converted a few test planes to DXT1 - WITHOUT mipmaps and the lights are back to normal.

The performance seems to still be ok but I'll have to convert a large number of them to be sure.

That just leaves the issue with the planes sitting on their bellies or gears stuck in the tarmac!

Anyone have a fix for that?

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There are changes on the lights between 40a and 40b which make a good step in performance. But I have no idea how on earth the textures on the belly can influence lights, that must be a severe bug in your grafics driver.

On the belly sittings, I cannot imagine this has to do with the conversion, so please tell us type and airport location. We just went once again through all aircrafts to verify their sittings to be ok, and fixed a few, so this shoulld be, with beta 2, better than ever.

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Yeah, it's not my graphics driver - I use the latest ATI Catalyst.

I do have modified lighting textures that make most FS9 lights more realistic - however it does make lighting supplied by the model and not effects look downright silly.

I was noticing the 40b aircraft were using both model and effects lights and it looked horrible.

I used to have problems with lights appearing off the airframe so I modified each planes config until I got most of them just right. That was a lot of work.

The C130 and f16 and helicopter models still sit on the gound but I have been coping with that for some time.

I ended up converting all the planes to DXT1 but I opted to NOT install your 40b update because I would rather loose a little performance and not have those lighting issues.

The good news is that I was able to bump the traffic slider up a notch. I still can comfortabley fly with it at 100% though and I have a very high end system. There are lots of add-ons that I have to balance out.

I'll continue to experiment and post any significan results so that someone may pick up a tip.


All screenshots are with 40B update installed.




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Ok, after playing around with all sorts of variables I have to ask this question -

Would you be willing to post an update version just like 40B2 but without the lighting modifications?

I got the lights to work properly but quickly discovered that they are not correct for most aircraft and look very unrealistic.

I want to be able to use the .FX lights in the aircraft.cfg because I can move them to their real life placements per model.

I would even be happy to post EVERY SINGLE aircraft.cfg that I edit for MT2006 users who wish to have accurately detailed and placed aircraft lights. I even have resized versions of the .fx lights.

On my system the performance decrease seems negligable.

That would be my little contribution to the community.

Oh, I should note that I am a real-life pilot and aviation enthusiast which is how I have the knowledge of exact placements of many aircraft lights.


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Hm, you already have more or less the 40b with effect light only, that is 40a.

So I propose you stick withe the 40a models and configs. Once I get back to it, I ask you to go with me through the new models (737,MD80,Dash8) to get the optimal inner model lights that are possible

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