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I am pretty new to all this but can't help but be fascinated by the possibilities. I am starting a high end cockpit manufacturing company and am in the middle of building 4 prototypes.

As owner I don't have much necessity to learn or know all that fsuipc has to offer but once I found out and tinkered with it, it just expanded my horizons and made me push for the once thought impossible.

Without insulting you Mr. Dowson, I would love to know if you were interested in consulting on these 4 prototypes. I know that in order to streamline and set all on the right track, the design of any system must stand up to the best. Hence the daring offer. Why daring? Because I cannot help but assume that with the popularity of your software you must be swamped.

I truly wish that my first approach was not so public but I had no other way of contacting you. If not, I am looking to hire someone with expertise in this area. If you can recommend anyone please do. I have no idea how to proceed for I don't want to give all my contact info online.

Hope all is well

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Without insulting you Mr. Dowson, I would love to know if you were interested in consulting on these 4 prototypes.

You cannot insult me by asking straight-forward questions ;-), But I am sorry, I am really too busy to take on additional work. I am actually hoping to reduce my workload so I can do some flying one day!

If you want a programmer to help you write software for your cockpit, though, I certainly think that you may find others here, in my Support Forum, who might be interested, especially if it means getting their hands on some nice cockpit hardware.

I suggest you word out your plans, in as much detail as you can without revealing anything you shouldn't, or committing yourself to anything you can't keep to, and post again. I could make such a post 'sticky' for a while, if you like, to keep it near the top.

You should also consider the same in the cockpit builder's Forum, near here, and possibly in Project Magenta's support site. Have you also thought about the possibility of talk to PM's Enrico Schiratti, who currently does support a variety of advanced cockpits with his software?

Good luck!



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Sorry If I write with out being invited, but as I saw that Mr. Dowson is not interested in your invitation I may be interested on help you, I'm currently on the process of building cockpits and I have a couple of customers in my country Ecudador - SouthAmerica, I'm bulding a General Aviation Trainer and on the drawing desk is a B737-200ADV for a local Airline

I have my own circuit boards and software to do that

I have also developed stuff for the public fo FSUIPC see http://forums.simflight.com/viewtopic.php?t=54654.

If you have any interest on my work please contact to my email address dev.rvallejo@gmail.com

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