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The eight months of work that are between Version 4.0 and 4.1 are in common to 4.1 and 5.0. So I do not see a way to offer 4.1 cheaper than this bundle, that just gives you a free FS9 to FSX upgrade. And I recommend that you also download the 5.0 version for latter usage.

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hello folks i like this my traffix x, on my system im getting around 12 to 15 frames per sec , until i get a high end com im satisfied with what im getting, im also running a 8 monitor set up so alot of my resorces and frame rate goes into that:)

1. is there a big frame hit with my traffic x.

2. is it networkable( run on another screen through widefs)

thanks .....Robert

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1. If you run MyTraffic X with 100% AI traffic setting, you get around 6 times the AI traffic of stock FSX with 100% there, and a hard perfromance kick. If you run with 18% AI traffic setting, you around the same AI traffic of stock FSX with 100% there, and a good performance boost. If you run with with 33% AI traffic setting, you get about twice as many traffic and about the same performance, so it is your choice.

2. There have been trials to do so, but they are not successfull. Already the initialisation of the parkings differs between the two systems. Inside one system, each of the aircrafts interacts with so many other parts of FSX, that MS even could not shift the AI traffic processing to another core - each frame has to check the scenery as example for each wheel to see if the wheel touches ground, etc. So the bandwidth of about 1 GB/s that can be sustained between two cores is way too slow - so until there are new concepts I do not see this to happen between 2 PCs before FSXX and quantum communication as basic network.

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Just bought this mainly for fsx last month. With the release of fsx sp1 I've installed fsx and would now like to install my traffic. At the risk of getting flamed(and looking at the install instructions) I am still somewhat lost on how to do this install. Is there a real simple install guide available. I am not always the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to computers. Thanks for your patience and help. Dave

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Did you succeed?

During installation, detailed instructions pop up, including the option to run an installation help that usually gets everything right, if you read before doing.


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Before buying your product, one question : :)

I have installed many PAI , WOA packages. They all are in the "old" format . 8)

If I install the MyTraffic "old" format, update to the "new" 5b will I still have and see the PAI and WOA flights? :oops:

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Emile,

First off, sorry for missing your question till now.

Re your query; AFAIK they won't and you'll likely loose something when mixing formats. However, one user reported he was able to convert them. Here's the thread:


If, my advise would be to wait a couple of days until we release MyTrafficX v.5.1 - a milestone in MyTraffic's history - and then go for it. :-) The US schedules for example, are the best ever. A good base to start tinkering if you like.

Maybe you can help us fill up EBBR even better? Inputs, suggestions and even 'quelconques' are always welcome. ;-)

Hope this answers your question a bit and again, please excuse the delayed reply. Cheers and kind regards


@ Dave, if you read this, NOW I know which post you were referring to! :-) Hope you're doing well.

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If you misuse FSX to emulate FS8 by installing these packages, FSX will not display any FSX traffic - so you will see still these old schedules, but not much new ones unless you are in areas of the world not covered by these packages. You can solve this by using the converter Jaap mentioned - if you go that way you will have a much better FSX experience anyways, because the FSX schedules do not block the naval Ai traffic as example, and because they have a smoother behaviour of the aircrafts on teir way, so it is rewarding to go that way anyways.

A second point of consideration: MyTraffic 5.1, with its 3000+ paints, will fill 8100 airports to the limit they are able to handle. If you add larger airline packages, the airports just will not be able to handle such number of aircrafts, the runwys systems, parkings etc will be overloaded. FSX will sort this out for you and only display as much traffic as it can, so maybe only a third of all schedules it gets , and use valuable resources to cancel most flight plans.

Once you went through the FSX conversion, you may be able to import the additional aircrafts and schedules into the MyTraffic Editor, and to use it to create traffic around these.

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