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Aircraft positions and taxiways

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Forgive me if you have answered these questions before, simply point me at the answers...

1. On some airports the aircraft are well misplaced - quite a way from where they should be. Noticeably Aerosoft Frankfurt, Berlin Schoenefeld, Bremen (Pictures attached)

2. There is also a problem with the taxiways - for instance, in Hamburg the planes all taxi to runway 15 on the grass between the taxiway and the runway - and take off wrong too.

I don't know whether this is MT specific - although things were OK before. But what makes me think is that in Hamburg the "show taxiway route" when I want to take off is also misplaced.

Any ideas? Are there known fixes? Is this something "RTFM"? I notice that in "basic" default airports things look a lot better.

Many thanks in advance.







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If you are using addon airports, you have to ensure that these have a higher scenery priority than the MyWorld Airports. A good rule of thumb is to move the MyWorldAirports scenery layer one below "addon Scenery".

Hi !!

What if i dont own my world airport? Then all my add scenery have higher priority on default sceneries but i have the same problems with taxing on the grass on EGKK PRO. At Least i have noticed this one only at the moment...

Thank You very much


Ok :D I just didnt noticed that the installation created that voice in the library. Thank you


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Not quite clear what you refer to.

MyWorld Airports is an essential part of MyTraffic, and gets installed with MyTraffic. Without it being installed, most airports will not be able to show any traffic, or will have very poor traffic performance. Even the traffic at 3rd-party addon airports will be affected without proper setup of the destinations.

If I didn't get the question, please ask again :)

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I heared about this, but never saw it, it will be that the addon airports active part is not properly done.

Or, still worse, your scenery library settings have got corrupted and scenery order does no longer work properly.

You can completely ensure not to see any MyTraffic contribution ny renaming the files under addon scenery\myworldairports\scenery to .passive, as example from AF2_KJFK.bgl to AF2_KJFK.bgl.passive .

If than there still is a mess, the quality of the addon airport is suspect to doubts.

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