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FSUIPC and Trotlle

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Hi to all:

In this time i finish my trottle for Airbus,to my home cokpit and I need to know if it's possible to assign via FSUIPC the gates(REV,IDLLE,CLB,FLX,TO/GA),and the two levers(engines) separattly....the software is project magenta.

I have board who simulate the normal joystick,the diference is just the two engines...this board separe the engines....


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Ok guys...I had find the way to this this...but Pete(if you read this topic)...the variable PM AB THR REV IDLLE have a problem...the slider don't stop when this offset is setting!

There's no such variable nor offset in my software. There is an assignable control provided which simply toggles or sets some bits in PM's offset space. The rest is then up to PM. Please refer to the PM offsets documentation on the PM website. You can verify the correct bits or values are changing via the MCDU offset monitor, or FSUIPC's own monitor (set in the Logging options).

Please report PM problems to PM support -- I really cannot deal with other folks' software here. An that's especially true for the AB offsets which I've never even used -- I don't have any of the AB software.



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