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Salut Francois,

ou dois je dire Monsieur Dumas :wink:

just new to your forum (as a registered person!) and not very sure, if that is a not too stupid question:

Can I change even my USER NAME (Andreas B) ?

Couldn´t find a hint in my profile.

Not that I´m ashamed of my real name (by the way: I´m a bit proud, ´cause it´s the only one existing in Germany - well, the family name, which isn´t mentioned in the UserName): but when I registered, I was a bit tired (work) and thought, I had to use my real name insteed of maybe a nice nickname. So if there´s a chance for renaming, it would be nice. If not, it´s not the end of the world.

Concerning your Info that this is the place for registration only, I just close my mouth for now.

Compliments to you and your work will be placed somewhere else.



Andreas B

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Francois is away on holiday for the moment and he may not check soon, so we'll wait on that.

But about names being unique - check mine too, There's only two registered in Germany and the other one's my ex-wife :lol: "Brisland"

No shame in using your real name here - many do. Or have you got something to hide? :wink:

Viel Spaß beim Mitmachen.

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Hello Chris,

thanks for the quick reply. Nice to know, that you got some kind of unique things too. :) As I mentioned, it´s no earthquake, if it wont work. Just was thinking, that Andreas B sounds a bit like Tom S(mith).

But anyway, thank again for answering.

<"... or do you got something to hide?"> Well, sometimes in the early morning, I would like to do this with my face.

Have a nice day.


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Hi Jan,

I assume you are NOT talking about registration TO THIS FORUM.... which is what this specific thread is about.... ? :wink:

If you mean FSCargo, one of the FSAddon products, you will find the support forums further down the list.

But in case I guessed correctly.... you can find ALL your purchases AND their registrations on simMarket, where you bought it.

Just go to YOUR ACCOUNT, log in, and find the Purchase History there. Click on it to find the date of your purchase and all relevant details.

For simMarket problems you can contact their support 'department' and file a trouble ticket... again, on the simMarket website.

Hope this helps...


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Hi Flugente,

Your question was answered by Pete over at his forum here:

You have posted here in a thread specifically about registering for the forums, not software registrations - we have specific support forums for that, further down the list.


Ian P.

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