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FSUIPC Shell VB .NET - Very Basic Question

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Working in VB .NET...

After calling a read function and a process function in FSUIPC Shell, where is the read offset value stored?

I worked with the VB .NET example in the FSUIPC SDK last night. The app seemed to be talking properly with FSUIPC, but I couldn't figure out how to retreive the offset value after doing the read.

Also, what's the proper method for passing the offset variables to the read function? Example code is appreciated!


Pat Dotson

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You have to call Process()...

            Dim airSpeed As Offset(Of Integer) = New FSUIPC.Offset(Of Integer)(&H2BC)
            Me.txtIAS.Text = airpeedKnots.ToString()

Something to that effect...

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I was able to do what I needed using FSUIPC and the FSUIPC VB .NET library created by Paul Henty.

Coding using the VB .NET library and example is a piece of cake. You can even download an "Express" version of Visual Studio VB from Microsoft for free! I was able to get FS9 talking to my motion control hardware within an hour or two. After about six hours of work total I had everything working satisfactorily.

Thanks Paul and Pete for all your work!

Pat Dotson

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