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The installation instructions were unclear but I went ahead anyway.

Bad Idea. My entire Desktop was screwed up. I am not sure but seems I lost valuable pictures from several folders. I had nothing else running and paid close attention to the "instructions"

This is unacceptable. I have been installing pay and free software for years. Years. Been a beta tester for numerous wargames.

This is really bad when an install screws with your PC. Protest for better software. Was this product ever tested?


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This is unacceptable. I have been installing pay and free software for years. Years. Been a beta tester for numerous wargames.


Thanks for making me laugh. :P

The [/b] at the end... Priceless!

By the way, if you really have a problem, then go back to the original topic you started and read the reactions to your question. It is not very complicated.

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Please tell us exactly what your problem is.

You made 5 posts up to now, after your verified purchase to eliminate any doubts. In the first you asked if you can unzip to the FSX directory. You can unzip to there. Or anywhere else. You were informed you can run the installer than.

You didn't tell us where you placed the file. It seems you executed it, and you got a MyTraffic folder - maybe somewhere you didn't want it. This only case you manually screwed up your registry after FSX install - but still there is no way I see it can make a damage. The installer itself is an actual licensed version of the Clickteam installer, that has a good reputition.

I'm unhappy that in one out of several hundred cases an install problem turned up. This does not entitle you to the topic this gives to your post. Making such a claim to not buy a product is illegal in the European Community and treated by law similar to a theft for very good reasons. To protect you against an attorney who wants to make money from it ( there are thousands scanning the net every day who are happy to charge you ) I will ask Husain to change the topic to "Installation Problems".

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Anyay .. I restored the system to a later date and restored the desktop after finding out most to the file went to "hidden" status.

BTW "application data" folder was hidden on my system. pain to figure out.

Here is were I am ....

The MYTraffic folder is in the Microsoft Flight Simulator X folder.

I completed the manual tasks and added the scenery within FSX. Quick test and no added traffic so far .. ummm

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Ok, you have

a) edited fsx.cfg in your user profiles.

b) added/updated dll.cfg.

c) added the scenery, MyTraffic.

I assume than you haven't set AI traffic density to 0, nor switched IFR and VFR schdeules off.

Installation should have, if not interrupted in the middle, created the following rather large files like MyTraffic\scenery\MyTrafficline.bgl, MyTrafficCargo.bgl, etc. If they do not exist, due to interruption, you can easily create them by doubleclicking to MyTraffic\traffic2006.bat.

When these exist, the fsx.cfg entry is OK, and the traffic tollbox settings do not prohibit AI traffic, you must see the AI traffic. If still not, please zip the file FSX.cfg and post it here, because that would be the first in hundreds.

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Working on this tonight


"Second, in the MyTRaffic main folder, you find a file called "dll.xml". Copy this to the directory where you just modified FS9.cfg"

There is no mention of dll.cfg in the instructions. Are you talking about dll.xml?

And why the mention of FS9.cfg?

I hope to get this to work tonight.

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OK lets check this one at a time:

1. My Microsoft Flight Simulator X folder has a sub folder call MYTraffic

contaning 3.37 gigs of files

2. FSX.cfg has these lines (it is in the application data/microsoft/fsx folder)

User Objects=Airplane, Helicopter








3. That folder has a 1 KB.xml file copied from the MYTraffic folder within the FSX main folder

So far so good?

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