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New FSUIPC Compatibility with FS9

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Hi Peter,

I just installed the latest version of FSMETEO and the instructions say that I should install the latest version of FSUIPC. All well and good, but I'm still running FS9 and won't install FSX until I get a new computer. I'm concerned because the description of the new version seems to refer to FSX only.

So the question is, will your new version of FSUICP work OK with FS9? If it will, I'll download and install it as directed.

Regards, John Membrino

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Hi John,

The last version of FSUIPC for FS9 is going to be v3.71 at which point, development is going to stop (unless, as I understand it, a major bug fix is needed). There is so much potential in FSX that developing FSUIPC v3 isn't really desirable anymore. FSUIPC4 v4.01 is for FSX ONLY and will not work with any previous version of the flight simulator. This is because FSUIPC4 utilizes the new SimConnect feature of FSX; therefore FSUIPC4 acts as a sort of bridge between FSUIPC applications and SimConnect whereas FSUIPC3 itself communicated directly with the flight simulator as there was no SimConnect feature by Microsoft before FSX.


Joshua Robertson (creator of FS Real Time)

3D Softworks Design Studios


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