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How can I program reverse in FSX?

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Hello Gang!

I decided to install this hideous thing called FSX!!!!!!!!!!

I purchased and installed FSUIPC latest version (very nice)!!!!

I have several external flight instruments such as CH pedals, Yoke, and one of the GoFlight consoles. I cannot figure out where or how to program reverse in my GoFlight throttle system. GoFlight includes the reverse levers. In FS9 you can program all this stuff with the GoFlight programmer and copy the results to the devices.cfg file but FSX does not have this file anymore. Is there a way to do this in FSUIPC without having to play a calibration trick on the throttles?



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Reverse thrust is more like a command using a button press than an axis in FS. Hard to explain. You activate them using the F2 key pressing it until the reversers deploy.

If you use the buttons built in the reverser levers in your TQ-6 you'll be able to program them in FSUIPC as Buttons Assignments using the "Throttle Decrease" (each for one engine) action.

Then again, GoFlight is about to launch the new programming software compatible with FSX due next week (Nov 3rd).

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