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Error when write the coordinates (latitude and longitude)...

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I program in visual basic 6, and when sending the location coordinates the fs doesn't interpret them in the correct way.


Call FSUIPC_Write(&H560, 8, VarPtr(Text1.Text), dwResult)

Call FSUIPC_Write(&H568, 8, VarPtr(Text2.Text), dwResult)

Call FSUIPC_Process(dwResult)

Text1 and Text2 are the text boxes where I introduce the data.

And the location is in another different place.

Ups… :oops: excuses for my English it is not the best.

On the other hand if you can help me then do I need to know the code OACI of the aerodrome that I am or the but near, does it exist some variable or form?

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you have to do some conversions

here is my routine to set the plane at the proper lat/long/alt

Public Function set_plane(lat As Single, lon As Single, alt As Single, hdg As Single) As Boolean

Dim x As Long

Dim dwresult As Long

x = FTOM(CLng(alt))

Call FSUIPC_Write(&H574, 4, VarPtr(x), dwresult)

x = lat * 10001750 / 90

Call FSUIPC_Write(&H564, 4, VarPtr(x), dwresult)

x = lon * 65536 * 65536 / 360

Call FSUIPC_Write(&H56C, 4, VarPtr(x), dwresult)

x = hdg * 65536 * 65536 / 360

Call FSUIPC_Write(&H580, 4, VarPtr(x), dwresult)

Call FSUIPC_Process(dwresult)

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