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A couple of questions MyTraffic X (Australia)


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Hi Guys I'm new here, I just have a couple of questions. I've just moved to FSX from FS9. I was using UT which was nice, but I found it a little hard to use and update and am now looking at MTX.

So to my questions. Is MTX easy to install and use in FSX and is there support for Australian airlines and airports. Like airline "Jetstar" and gates etc.. at Australian airports. I can't find many details for MTX with included airlines etc..

So basically I would like to know the level of support for Australia, routes, airlines, aircrafts etc, before I make the purchase. From what I've seen and read MT looks like a fantastic package.



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MyTraffic for FSX isn't easy to install. Nobody currently in the scene has any idea about "easy"installations. I think it is well documented now, you can read it here in the forum.

Currently we have no tools to modify FSX airports, so gate assiciation is something for the next year, not this one. If you consider this important, stay with FS9. You can also install FS9 AFCAD2 airports in FSX, but you will lose most of the FSX features.

Among the 1300 airlines, there are several from Australia, I cannot remember them all now and only can look up on monday. This ranges from Qantas over Virgin Blue to the different Quantas Link daughters operating BAe146, Skippers I remember, on airline to an island (Norfolk ?) I'm not sure, down to amphibians operating between Cairns and other airports and the small islands. Jetstar I'm not sure, I remember a company with that name, but do not know if I made it, and thought is was British. Using the time machine will bring Ansett back too life. And RAAF is flying the Orions, F18 and Hawk trainers.

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Thank you so much for your super fast reply Burkhard, much appreciated.

So with FSX and MTX (at this time) there will still be aircraft at gates but no real gate association? I think I can live with that, I just want more traffic in the sky ;)

It would be fantastic if Jetstar was included or will be included in an update, as it's now becoming Australia's biggest "Budget" airline, doing domestic routes and now starting international routes too.

Jetstar is a part owned company from Qantas and other parties including Linfox. With it's main airport and office at Avalon (YMAV), Victoria, Australia. It is located to the north of the city of Geelong, and to the southwest of the state's capital city of Melbourne.

Jetstar Fleet.

Airbus A320-200

Airbus A330-200 (Jetstar's international long-haul services)

Boeing 787-800 (2008)

More information here on Jetstar can be found here.






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There have been heaps of long range low cost airlines that come and go, but I don't think Jetstar are going anyway, they have been one of the fastest airlines to grow here, and your right, with Qantas backing them and making Jetstar there low cost and Qantas the premium airline, they really have set them selves to go against Virgin Blue. Anyway the Wikipedia link is the best source of Jetstar info.

The more I look into MT X, I think it may be my first FSX add-on, I love how the product grows and the support you guys give.



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