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has somebody test fs2004 in a dual core computer?


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has somebody test fs2004 in a dual core computer?

Who many fps can you get using level D, PMDG?

And with mytraffic?

I will buy the new computer next week, and I will install both (FSX and FS2004) Its a good Idea?

I will buy Dual core 2 extreme

512 Mb graphic card (PCI express)


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has somebody test fs2004 in a dual core computer?

FS2004 does not benefit from the second core, for it is not written to be multithreaded in a multicore environment. The FS2004 technical environment has been designed 5 years ago, and in those times no one in the world ever believed that multi core processors will go to every one's desktop PC at all.

In fact, one big advantage is, that you will have one CPU caring about FS2004, and one CPU caring about the rest of the system. This gives the benefit of instant task switching and running more applications at once without waiting for the system to get rid of the first task to load the other task (FS2004 and Google Earth together make fun now, me having an Athlon 64 X2 4800+ in my system now)

FSX _does_ benefit from the second CPU, as the prefetch tasks for loading the graphics have been threaded, and are most likely to run on the second CPU. But most of the software will run on one CPU.

I am reading most of the ACES ans Ex-ACES developers and product managers blogs regularly, and they are very aware that the next version after FSX should undergo a major code redesign to support more multithreading. The major problem is, synchronizing all the events when running on a multiprocessor machine so that the flight sim experience will just feel as good as it is now.



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FS2004 profits from dual core in the sense that it doesn's stutter if you forget to shut off the virus checker before starting FS9

That's in short that what I tried to explain in o so many words. 8)

One word to virus scanners: Many of todays PCs are permanently online, therefore one should be very aware of the potential high risk of being online without an active virus scanner in tradeoff to a small and possible hard to notice performance increase in loading and playing Flight Simulator. For me, the odds are always against MSFS, leaving my scanner permanently active.

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The internet is a wold wide mirror of the harbor quarter of Naples.

Serious stuff should never been shipped through Naples, nor should it be done on a computer coupled to the internet. For me, flight simming is serious stuff.

Take you FS7 system to the internet plug, and keep your FS9 or FSX system at least five m away from this.

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>>Serious stuff should never been shipped through Naples<<

ROFL. Niente commento! :-)

FWIW, on my end FSX usually humms at around 60%. With TrafficExplorer and a couple of other things, this can jump to over 70. Max number I've seen (without looking too hard) is 78%. Maybe winXP64 is more efficient with mutli-core CPUs?

Included a screenshot at 71%

Kind regards



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