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A simple HOW TO GUIDE please?


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Hi folks!

I am new to My Traffic, but have use Flight Simulator since version 5.1 back in the early 1990s. I have the latest My Traffic v4.1 installed for my FS9 (my FSX is asleep until Aeroworx get their King Air updatetd to FSX). I have read through the "manual" of the Traffic editor, but find it a bit confusing. What I would like is a little how to step by step guide to make simple changes (for normal users - not full time tweakers ;) ).

What I want to do is change the traffic in Norway to better suit reality. Nothing fancy, just a fine tune of what's allready there (which I think is great). How do I do this. I have imported all airports from FS9 and they all show up now (even the heliports).

So how do I, step by step:

1) Add airline, military and GA traffic to an airport that was dead during the default install

2) Add new aircraft to an airline (based on the supplied models - not importing new ones). F.ex. I want to have P-3 Orions flying for Norway Airforce.

3) Increase the number of aircraft of an airline (some airlines with only 3 aircraft isn't going to give much traffic I assume...)


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Hi, the step by step questions fit nicely to the detailed step by step chapters in the pdf manual.

It looks as if you sucessfully imported the airports. You should, in the editor, do the following: Go to edit airports, browse to the new airports, add the country code LN (this is done automatically in FSX), check that the number of parkings is OK, set the properties (like national and international traffic ) and maybe enter the name.

Than, when you are satiesfied with your airport part of the database, you call Create - Schedules, files and traffic, can in most cases just confirm the next window, and than it goes of to calculate new schedules for a new world with many new airports - at the end of this which may last 2-4 hours you will have a news set of flightplans and life on most of your ports. Military traffic will be added to all airports that have military parkings, airliners require gates and GA requires ramps, Amphibians want docks and Cargo Cargo parkings, so what sort of traffic you get depends on the airport layout.

To add a new aircraft to an airline, you have to create a new type. With the P3 it would be better to make a new paint, but let us take one with a Kangoroo for this purpose now.

So you add a new type,

P3-Norway1, using title "P3 MyPaint25", series P3, airline" Norway airforce", enter the years from when until when, if still active I use to 2020.

Than you select the new type, press registrations, and add some LN-registrations. The more registrations you add, the more of these aircrafts will be used, but the same aircraft may be used several times anyways until the capacities of the airports are reached. So by adding more regs you will get more of these aircrafts, but on the cost to reduce others.

Once you modified the aircraft fleet, go through the "Create Schedules, files and traffic" again.

To increase realism, you can create a new airline, "133 Luftving", based at ENAN, and enter this as airline for the Orions, than they mainly will operate from there, assuming that it has Mil_Combat parkings of 20 m minimum - but now you are already far in the details...

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Thanks a lot! Just the info I was looking for!

The program is great, but the manual is a little to unstructured for my liking (FAQ isn't really a manual is it?), but with such a quick relpy in this forum I can see why you didn't spend more time on it :)

Thanks a lot!

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Originally it was a normal manual. Like all manuals in the world, it was considered useless, and Husain made it this Q&A style which proved more successful. But maybe Husain, you look at the questions and add another two Q&A about

- using MyTraffic just with modified airports

- making simple fleet changes ?

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