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How to remove MyTrafficX from FSX?


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Hi Bob, is this question related to the other thread? I'ld be very sorry to hear it's still not working to your likings. Like previous FS-versions, uninstalls probably are slightly tricky. I say 'probably' because Burkhard has much more insight than me!

Now, I hope you don't mind if I re-ask: Why uninstall? What would you like to achieve? Is it to start all over as mentioned in the other thread? FYI and in case you haven't been following the action over here, meanwhile, there have been a couple of little updates which seem to solve certain probs.

Thanks and kind regards


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Hi and thank you for your response.

I simply cannot get enough traffic to make it worth the FPS drain I guess. I have GA set to 50% and Airline set to 30%. I landed at KSYR today with a total of 3 aircraft greeting me at the entire regional airport. Nothing taking off and nothing landing. Two jets and one GA plane. All my airports look like they have been evacuated! :) There is some traffic but nothing near to what I had in FS9 with UT. And certainly not the level I expected.

Either I have a bad install, Mytraffic does not work or just plain bad luck. And I don't know which. :D I have installed the latest 5a update. Thanks.


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Hi Bob,

The volume of traffic you mention is uncharacteristically low. Could you check if your Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\MyTraffic\Scenery directory is roughly 111MB in size? If not, the traffic bgl files have not compiled correctly. Run traffic2006.bat found in the MyTraffic folder to fix this.

You might also want to confirm that the MyTraffic scenery layer has been correctly added to your scenery library.

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Hi Bob, I spent a little while in Syracuse last night and you're seeing far too little movements. With the settings you indicated, there are always min 10 flights at KSYR (mainly 'iron'). Setting AI to 100/100% makes those numbers go to ca 20-22.

The Mytraffic folder in your FSX directory should be ca 4GB. The aircraft subfolder roughly 3GB. The scenery should be as Husain indicated (ca 110MB).

What kind of planes are the 3 you're seeing? GA?

Again, Bob, very sorry to hear we weren't able solve the probs last time. Sometimes threads go away and one thinks: Prob solved...

Thanks for your feedback and patience. Kind regards


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Removing MyTraffic has finally got much simpler than before.

Start FSX and remove MyTraffic as scenery library. End FSX.

Next, remove the entry in the FSX.cfg file.

Now feel free to delete the complete MyTraffic directory, and all is gone.

But better look at KSFO as example with 100% AI traffic density. You should get about 1000 flights around you in traffic explorer. The 2003 PAI compilation you refer to showed 300.

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Hi and thank you both for your patience and suggestions.

The MytrafficX subfolder within FSX is approximately 4GB. The Scenery sub-folder within Mytrafficx is 111mb. The MTX installer (MTXV50_for_FSX.zip)i zipped is about 316MB. I have the scenery entry as shown. And what entry in the FSX.cfg file?









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Hi Bob, the symptoms you describe, only a few GA aircrafts, could be explained case the entry in fsx.cfg that you highlighted doesn't work. MyTraffic is using a few of the FSX GA planes, the Lear, the Maule, the Beaver and the Goose, among the MyTraffic supplied ones, so it can easily be that the three of them come from these - this would mean that we have to search for a problem with the FSX.cfg file.

You are using FSX as the same user, or as a different user with higher priviledges, one of the traps one can find on networked computers.

I suggest that you zip FSX.cfg and attach it here, maybe we see it. Than go to documents and settings and search from there for FSX.cfg files, maybe there are two for different users?

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