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WideFS in FSX and [User] section

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In FS2004 i use this:






I had try in FSX in section [Wideserver],but notthing happens!

Can you tell me here I can put this in FSX?


Ah, someone still using the old original program loading facilities in WideServer, eh? Those actually date from before FSUIPC. Although they were left in the separate version WideServer.DLL for compatibility, the facilities were really replaced long ago by the [Programs] section facility in FSUIPC itself. Now that I've re-written the code as one DLL it seemed pointless having two similar facilities in different sections.

The FSUIPC-based ones offer the same sort of facilities, or probably more, but use a different format (for instance, there's no separate Close parameter line, you can specify that action on the loading line).

Ful details are in the Advanced User's guide for FSUIPC4 (and FSUIPC) under the heading:

Programs: facilities to load and run additional programs



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I can not find:

Advanced User's guide for FSUIPC4

I just have

User guide for FSUIPC4

and did you ever read the "User Guide" at all? Right on the first page it says:

As well as the document you are now reading, this package contains “Install FSUIPC4.exe” that will install the following parts in a Modules folder, which will be created if necessary, in your FSX folder.

FSUIPC4.dll The FS module itself, version 4.05

FSUIPC4 User Guide.doc This document, but in Word 97 format

FSUIPC4 History.doc A list of changes in each version (Word 97 format)

FSUIPC4 for Advanced Users.doc More technical information only (Word 97 format)

List of FSX Controls.pdf FSX controls list (Acrobat format)

Sorry that it is actually called "FSUIPC4 for Advanced Users", but I think is close enough to be recognisable!?

It is very saddening. One day perhaps folks will actually read what I write, or even have a look to see, do you think? :-(



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