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trying to install My Traffic X


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Unable locate FXS.CFG file despite doing a search for same .. as am trying to get modification done %appdata%/Microsoft/FSX

Appreciate assistance

found the FXS.CFG file by copying same from another post but cant locate the %appdata%/Microsoft/FSX file to proceed with installation.. ..puzzled..

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Are there any other files in your %appdata%/Microsoft/FSX folder? Make sure that you are logged into the same Windows user account as the one you launch FSX from. Also, the FSX.cfg file isn't hidden by default, but enable to view hidden files and folders option under tools > folder options, just in case.

Also, please make sure you have read the latest version of the installation manual, found here:


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thanks for your response...I have been unable to locate the %appdata/Microsoft/FSX file.. did a search on both drives I have..havethe FSX on my D drive but alos looked at C drive. am the only user on my computer and FSX was installed on the D drive.. space being available there ..have d/loaded the instructions from my initail d/load of the program..am still puzzled.. thanks for any further assistance


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Hi Eddie, is that on the same harddrive or do you have 2HDs?

FWIW, multiple partitions on a single drives with i.e. the OS on C:\ and FS on D:\ will squelch HD-throughput as the HD-heads will spend a lot of time travelling from partition to partition. Hence, not reading nor writing data. I'm aware this is not related to your MT-issue, but just that it was mentioned in case you might perform a fundamental system change sometime and indeed have a single drive.

Cheers and kind regards


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Hi Eddie,

Just to clarify, %appdata%/Microsoft/FSX/ is a path to a folder and not a file in itself. Therefore, searching for it using the Windows search feature will not give you any useful results. To go to this folder, enter "%appdata%/Microsoft/FSX" in the Start > Run command.

Hope this helps.

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