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MyTrafficX - several problems


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I bought MyTrafficX (upgraded to 5.0a) but I'm pretty much dissappointed. The program contains too many bugs and the airplane models and paintings are sometimes really poor quality. I understand you had to balance between quality and performance, but even so, I expected something better.

The problems:

- MyTraffic Communicator.exe fails to load, it crashes with an Application Initialization Error (0xc0000135). This was reported by another user in some of the topics.

- Many of the aircrafts float (either their front or rear wheels) above the ground, sometimes lifting the jetway with them (see picture)


- Some models have transparent cockpit windows which viewing from the front is really weird (the whole fuselage of the airplane becomes transparent).


(agian floating front wheel)


(floating rear wheels and dark wing)

- all A340 models have dark blue wings, see above and below. It's not the complete blackness when a texture fails to load but clearly a bad piece of painting.


- The B737NG models havea strangely curved, gull-like wing model. It's unrealistic, straight lines would be better.


- The Hungarian Malév livery of the B767 is a complete disaster, see pictures (misplaced tail logo with wrong color, missing decors, missing blue nose cone paintng, etc.) I know this is just one from the many hundred liveries, but I'm a Hungarian so it's important to me.



Sorry for the long post, I hope you read this and fix whatever possible.

Tamás Dinya

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Sorry for the Malev, that should not have happened. The black wings I also expect to be solved sooner than later, if I can verify them, because most of my tests have benn done at EDDF and I never saw them there, so this has to be double checked. Now I see it is A330s, no my A340 checks do not help too much, and it is the 6th-heaven model...

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>>- MyTraffic Communicator.exe fails to load, it crashes with an Application Initialization Error (0xc0000135). This was reported by another user in some of the topics.<<

Hi Tamas, is MS DotNet2 installed? Make sure you install DotNet2 after installing DotNet1.1 in case DN1.1 isn't installed either. This is important and just a pre-caution if a later app requires DN1.1.

Kind regards


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Thanks, Jaap, MyTraffic Communicator requires .NET20, like large parts of the FSX SDK require it. The initilization error you quote is the same I get with .net10 installed.

Attached a changed flag in the Malev 762. Sorry for the blue, I must have benn drunken when painting it ;-).

Please replace the file 767-200_t.bmp in MyTraffic\aircraft\B762MX\texture.my06

with the one you find here. It will also be include in the next update.

On the semi transparent windows, making the fuseledge from inner side requires quite some additional polygons. Nevertheless the MyTraffic models do have a back wall of the cockpit, so this did not happen with FSX.

FSX contains a bug to not display native materials, like a window made out of a semi transparent glass with models that still run in FS9, and only displays semitransparent materials as textures with alpha channel. This method in all versions of FS has two known bugs: 3D objects behind it aren't coloured correctly, and b) objects in a certain range behind it arent shown. So what you see here is the accumulation of 3 bugs of the FSX display engine. Things can be made better using the next generation of the FSX SDK, but for this one has to go back to GMAX or FSDS and to redesign large parts of the aircrafts. This will come, but can easily be a 50 hour or more job per model, not yet sure since many things have not yet been worked out how they work, mainly animation related. So we will have to live with this for a while, and it will disappear over time from model to model.

On the airport ground, there another FSX bug got detected, the position where FSX draws the ground depends on time of day. I saw screenshots by the most famous Hungarian FSX designer who shows that there may be half a m or so terrain difference, depending on where you are on the airport, how to deal with this nobody has an idea currently before the announced FSX patch. But I see the door couples to high to the A310, it is an A310 isn't it? More on the black wings in another post.


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Thank you Burkhard for the quick replies.

Yes, I have .Net 1.1 installed, I will try 2.0 for the Communicator.

Thanx for the Malév livery.

As for cockpit transparency, all the screenshots were made under FSX, so the problem exists.

Just one more screenshot of a bug, but I think it is a bug of FSX, not yours. The wheels of the ground handling vehicles show through the AI aircraft as gray squares.


One last thing (now I'm in complaining mood). I understand and appreciate the efforts to keep the MyTraffic interface simple. But the one we have now looks like it was made in the Windows 3.1 era with small, meaningless icons using only a few colors, simple gray background, etc. etc. If you happen to have some time in the future, can you make a new, fancier, maybe Vista-style interface? It does not make the program more complicated, just better to look at.

Tamás Dinya

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Tamas on the MD80 image - that looks like a z-Bias Question. It seems that FSX can distiguish betwen near, medium and far distance, but small distance differences give random drawing orders. This may be very fundamental, and questions even Direct X as a plattform that can be used, so do not dare to ask that ;-).

On the interface, that is easier said than down. The algorithms implemented require fast calculations and are totally based on Fortan. C++ operations can be 100 times slower than these. There is no new version of the Fortran compiler that links to the new libraries - so unless we want the 3 hour computation to become 300 hours I currently have no idea how to change that.

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