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More GA?


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I really, really, really love MyTraffic. I checked the AI traffic menu yesterday while sitting at Heathrow with the new VFR Gen X scenery and I counted 350 aircraft in the list with 14-20 fps. That's why I love MyTraffic! :D

Now I've grovelled a bit.. I think only about 30 of those aircraft were GA. (btw, the settings were 25 percent heavy and 100 percent GA) I notice at Biggin Hill with GA set at 50 percent there is one plane! At 100 percent it goes up to 4-5 which is a bit better.. however Biggin Hill is a BUSY GA airfield.

In South East England setting GA traffic at 100 percent gives 10-15 aircraft in the AI traffic menu... bearing in mind how many GA airfields are present in that area.. is it possible to increase the GA a little in a future patch/addon?

20 percent heavy giving 300 aircraft is very impressive, but 100 percent GA giving 10-15 aircraft is a little short of what I would like (me flying mostly GA, who'd have guessed!)

So if there are any updates to MT, may I humbly ask for more GA, kind sir Burkhard :)

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Hi Banquet, I hope an answer from Sir Jaap is also ok! :-)

I you have v.5.0, there's a little update (5.0a) here:


Otherwise, the FSX TrafficBuilder is still in development, so we're not quite there yet.

If you would like to try something and are somewhat file-proficient, read through this thread and do NOT download the first version from page1 but the second one on page2. This will increase your traffic bgls by roughly 50% and bring in a couple more types.

Pls note it is beta/test only. Please do not proceed if you'ld feel uncomfortable doing so, Banquet.


Hope this helps, cheers and kind regards


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In 50a, EGKB should see 134 takeoffs daily.

BUT hey, ever seen a candlelight factory burning :)

The "GA" slider - at least as I understand does not control what you think, it controls the VFR flights, not the GA flights - many GA flights are IFR.

EGKB equipped with large ramps attracts a lot of commuter and larger GA aircrafts, that have 100 resp 90 % IFR.

So the "GA" slider only affects airports with 10m parkings only, where the IFR aircrafts pile up.

If you Start MyTraffic editor, load the actual database, select "Create all files and traffic", and enter 50 to the airliner field and -50 to the General aviation field, you will have traffic that fits to your expectations with 60% traffic density.

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Thank you Sir Jaap and Sir Burkhard for your help :D

I had noticed that the Heavy (IFR) traffic setting did add aircraft to Biggin, but it is sort of 'light heavy' IE, Medium jets/prop aircraft. Although you do get some of that traffic at Big.. most of it is of the Cessna/Piper small aircraft type. However, point taken, with the Heavy traffic setting even at 20 I get a couple of extra medium aircraft.

Jaap, I will try out that link and see if it helps. Burkhard, when you say enter 50 in airliner traffic and -50 in GA, wouldn't that have the reverse effect? Sounds like I'm putting more in airliner and less in GA? But having not really played with the editor yet maybe I'm getting it wrong.

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Well, that seemed to work insofar as I now have 11 planes at Biggin Hill. But, at 60 percent, I now have 570 planes showing in the AI Traffic menu when parked at Heathrow..

This is a bit odd if I understand you correctly.. that setting 50 for airliners means that setting the slider to 60 is really like putting it at 10 percent in default situations.. because this has really bumped up the airline traffic.. Anyhow, I'll play with the settings a bit :)

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