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FSUIPC with CH Control Manager?

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If I am using the CH Control Manager in mapped mode in FSX, can I still program the joystick axes and buttons in FSUIPC?

I don't know of any reason not, but I don't know the CH control manager -- I don't have any CH equipment. You might want to pop over to http://www.ch-hangar.com and ask there if there are any pitfalls.



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Here is the hierarchy when CH Manager is used unless it has changed in more recent releases:

Windows USB device driver

CH Control Manager

Windows Applications (Such as FS)

In relation to FS and FSUIPC

FS (Continued from Above) including FS Setup Assignments

FSUIPC Assignments or Assignment Changes (Full Version)

Virtual Aircraft Devices In Model with Flight Loaded.

I used to use a CHCM version in FS2002 but when I flew X-Plane that early version of CHCM created virtual axis because at that time X-Plane could only accommodate a maximum of two USB controllers. CHCM can map multiple CH devices into a few virtual CH devices. With FS2002 up I no longer had the need for it with the registered version of FSUIPC.

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I use CH Control Manager and FSUIPC. I have had absolutely no problem, ever, using them.


Windows Game Controllers, for calibration

CH Control Manager, for identifying axes and buttons (mine is set up as three "aux" devices, and I do programming for buttons here).

Flight Simulator, with all axes full scale and no dead zones

FSUIPC, for getting full-range signaling, applying dead zones, and sensitivity curves.

Works great... last long time.

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