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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Pete, I'd like to assign a spare axis on my joystick to Rudder Trim Axis functionality in FS2004. This analogue axis on my joystick is controlled by turning of the knob. The knob has its left and right limits. The knob also has a middle position/notch. I know that there is no Rudder Trim Axis provided in the game. But I see it in FSUIPC module, so, I'm trying to make an assignment for it. The Axis Assignment Tab in FSUIPC sees the axis on the knob, when I move it. But under Joystick Calibration Tab the Rudder Trim calibration does not see it. Anything I can do for it to be recognizaed as a Rudder Trim Axis? Or any other solution to use the knob for rudder trim?

Also, can I remove rudder axis assignment in FS2004's UI completely, and assign it instead in FSUIPC only? I tried to play with it but can't get FSUIPC understand that I'm moving the Rudder Axis (according to Joystick Calibration screen). The idea is to have all the assignments in one place (or two - in CHManager at the top, skip FS9, down to FSUIPC) as much as possible.


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Ok, have figured it out, excellent flexibility and convenient interface, Paul. Has been improved again, even since I've been away from FS9 for about 6 months. Now back messing wth the install on my new hardware.

Can anyone comment on if there is any advantage of not assigning main control axes in the game's UI at all and instead setting them up only in FSUIPC? Normally before I did not calibrate the axes in FS9, always did it in FSUIPC. Now in addition to that I might want to remove all the axes from MSFS to FSUIPC. Do you like the idea?


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