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Problem Activating MyTraffic for FSX


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I contacted Husain via e-mail and sent him the files. He sent me three files which I installed in the program. So, the FSX.cfg, scenery.cfg, and .dll file on my system are the ones he sent. Also, he had me run the rebuild.bat file and it had no effect upon the MyTraffic\aircraft and the MyTraffic\scenery files. They both stayed at 2.35 GB and 149 MB respectively. I've gone thru the steps suggested in the "Troubleshooting" portion of the Installation Instructions without success. I've located my aircraft at several busy airports, i.e., ORD, JFK, STL, and no aircraft have been visible with my AI aircraft setting in FSX set at 80.

Still hoping for a fix.

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OK, so I take over.

Husain, could you please send me the files you sent to jha38?


Having no traffic at all can have several reasons, which can be grouped into 3 categories:

a) The scenery MyTraffic has not been added correctly. This is easy to check. Start FSX, and select ETAR as airport. If you get as choice where to place yourself a military parking, (Mil_cargo and Mil_combat), than that part is OK. If not, than we have found the problem. As first trial, delete MyTraffic as scenery, and add it as scenery than.

b) The aircraft models dont get found due to a problem in FSX.cfg. There is a way to identify this. Move one or a few of folders of common aircrafts temporarily from the MyTraffic\aircraft folder to the simobjects\airplanes, as example the CRJ2MX or A320MX or. If these planes show up now, we have found the problem and will find how to solve it.

c) Everything is OK in MyTraffic, but something in FSX prevents AI traffic to show up, from Multiflyer to another addon in FS8/FS9 format. This can be checked by renaming scenery\world\scenery\trafficAircraft.bgl.passive back to trafficAircraft.bgl . If the stock AI traffic does not show up now, than this is the reason and we have to search what might be culprit.

No case is known to me where this did not work out.

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Long story told short. Went through the steps you outlined. When I got to the last step it occurred to me that I'd installed several World of AI packages. This got me to thinking since steps a) and b) had worked as they should, "I wonder if those WOAI packages are the problem." Anyway, deleted all the WOAI materials from my computer and, presto, I've got AI traffic at airports. And, not just any AI traffic, but MyTraffic AI traffic.

Guys, many thanks for your time, patience and efforts in solving the problem. You really do provide support/service for your products.


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