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GPSout output, where is it?

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I'm sorry I'm so stupid. I'm trying to connect FS9 through GPSout.dll through Goops to Google Earth. I set up gpsout.ini to port=com5. I set up MixW to link ports 5 and 6.

I originally was able to use Microsoft's portmon to look at com6 and it showed my gps output coming in to com6. I was able to turn on Google Earth's GPS reader, and it is able to see the data and position the icon in the right place. But Goops 1.91 would not read com6 no matter what I did.

Then I did something (killed the gpsbabel process after turning off Goops and GoogleEarth is the only thing I can think of) at which point, portmon was only reporting what was going out on com5. So I rebooted the computer, now portmon doesn't see anything when FS is running. Google Earth is able to read the gpsout data as it sees something, but I can't figure out where it is getting its data from???? Portmon reports nothing on com6. And of course Goops is not working.

Is there any way to log the output of GPSout? Is there any way to tell where the data is going? Google Earth can see it. I'm very frustrated here as I know practically nothing about com ports.

The first thing I want to know is exactly what GPSout is writing. Then I want to know where it is writing it to and where Google Earth is able to find the data. Why can't portmon see it? Is there a command that I can write on the command line to redirect the data from a com port to a file?

I'm so upset, I had everything working the way I expected except that Goops wasn't working right, and now I don't know what is going on or what I did to change it. Everything seems to be functioning, except I can't figure out where the gpsout data is and how to see it and figure out what is going on.

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Well, I've gotten a little further. When using portmon, make sure to start it before you start FS, then you can see the output of gpsout.

I downloaded a couple of commercial virtual serial port bridge/null modem programs, and they work fine with goops. For some reason goops can't speak to a port opened by MixW CommEmul. Perhaps it's because MixW fixes the baud rate at 1200 and the minimum baud rate goops can read is 2400??? I don't know. But I was unable to control the port with MixW, and the commercial vendors allowed you to change the port using mode.

Any help would be appreciated.

I still don't understand why Google Earth was able to see the data output by gpsout, even though it wasn't being reported on the virtual com port.

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