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Cant register fsuipc4

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When I try to register fsuipc4 the register tab is greyed out and I get this message. You must log on as administrator. The problem is I am logged on as administrator. I have no user accounts. Also I should tell you my operating system is Vista Ultimate.

You should please ask questions about my programs in my Support Forum, as I don't visit here so often, and answers to such questions can be found over there quite easily.

[ADDED NOTE: This was posted in reply to the original posting which occurred in the FS2004 Forum].

I am told that Administrator privileges don't actually give you any rights to access the Registry, or even, oddly to write to some file areas. It seems you need "elevated Administrator" privileges. So far every one who has reported this problem has reported success when using "Run As" to run FSX to register FSUIPC4, specifying the Administator there I think.

There may be other problems. If you allowed FS to install into the default place (Program Filesetc), then Vista may actually prevent FSUIPC4 (and any other program) actually writing to its own files, the INI, KEY and LOG files for example. So settings won't be saved. The answer at present seems to be to manually change the Access Permissions on the FSX Modules folder to allow you, as the user, to access those files for writing. Ugh. Vista seems to be rather over-protective.

I have just purchased Vista for installation on one of my PCs in order to carry out some tests so I can document all this thoroughly. I'll be working on this in the coming week. I am looking at moving the LOG, INI and KEY files over to the My Documents FS files folder (where Flights etc are saved) to get around the access privileges problem. When I have a version which does this it will be released on my Forum, and it will automatically move those files from the modules folder if they already exist there.

Please use my Support Forum for any future queries on my programs.



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