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Bad Dog's A319, A320, and A321 paint thread

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These are textures only:

For the MDs, unless the arrangement of the folders is different after Myt 5.1, the Iberia MD83 paint is in 37, and the MD87 is in 00. Drop the .bmps in those folders and it should be ok. I'd check the aircraft.cfg to make sure those are the correct folders, anyway.

For the Airbuses, just a little more work: Go to the aircraft.cfg in each one, find the Iberia section (drop the textures into the folder specified there for the paint), and then make sure to change the "model=" to the FSX model, too. For the A320, make sure to choose the correct engine type!

You won't need the .bmp called "Iberia" something in each .rar file. That's just the original before DXT compression.

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Thanks, Jaap. I've been remiss this last week and I need to make up for it!

@mvc: Do you understand how to read the aircraft.cfg files? I ask so that I know how much to explain. For the A319, 320, and 321, the "model=" entry there will be for the old model, and you'll need to pick "model=FSX-CFM56" (for the 319, for example) to get the FSX model. For the A320, you have two models (one for each engine type). I'm not sure right now which type Iberia uses, so you might want to look that up, but the models are in the "model.xxxx" folders, and that's the name you want to put after "model=" in aircraft.cfg.

Clear as mud?

Yes, and overwrite the .bmps that are already in the folders. Just make sure it's the right folder!

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Nice again. I think it is the planar projection. But using no planar projections leads to other artefact, and since our sources ( photos) are planar, there is not much choice.

@mvc As long as testing goes, do not fiddle arround to much with 5.1a ( which will be the A320, A330, and 5 more types) - currently we concentrate on consolidating what got finished as a solid stable base.

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Yes, whati´m doing now is checking that the flow of the planes is correct, if they are in the correct parking places, if they match with the fingers in all the iberian peninsula airports

In the other side, i´m trying to install this new iberia planes.

So, what i have to do is to edit aircraft.cfg and paste this :

Yes, i know how to read aircraft.cfg


in A319,320 and 321 iberia planes

Thanks a lot for that beautifull planes

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While you are free to do on your computer what you want, you must understand that we are working hard around the clock to get all the stuff which is in 5.1 tested and running - so we cannot help you with things are due in a few months only. This is something that can be done after I've seen a bed and 5.1 is released.

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Well, I'll try to answer as best I can:

- "Fast" or "Slow," I wouldn't know - being relative terms I can't say what the norm was. A paint can take from 1 to 5 hours depending on the difficulty, although most can be done in 2.

- As for quality - thanks - I try to improve on what's there and make sure all the relevant details are present and accurate.

- Editing by hand is often necessary to clean up edges, but if you start with a good picture you don't have so much work to do, but always some.

- I'll get to the paints given time - I usually paint whatever grabs me that day, but I'll get them all someday (like the MD80s). Air Madrid no longer flies, as far as I know, so it's not on my "to do" list, but Vueling.com will eventually be.


Shenzhen ->

EDIT: Fixed the elevator detail on the A320 - Duh! :oops:




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Thanks for the offer, but I prefer to search my own pictures as I can target exactly what I'm looking for. I pick some for a certain element, such as color or an engine logo, and even if you found a good pic, I'd still have to search to get something. If I wanted something specific and hard to find (like a good MD87 logo, for example) I might ask, but not often.

Anyway, the green on Alitalia is too dark, and I'll have to fix it later...

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